Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Super Tired...

I am super tired today.  I am fighting to stay awake.  I have a lot to accomplish today at work so I am off to plow my way through.  I only have 2.5 weeks left to get everything done.  WOW!  2.5 weeks. YIKES!

Anyway...going to tackle my list today and not focus on the fact that my eyes are shut...maybe I can do this with my eyes closed?

Also, I feel like someone has turned me upside down and has rattled my insides.  My tummy hurts (almost like a gassy tummy) and it does hurt in the middle of the night.  Dawson usually is tilted towards my right side...but for some reason he shifted last night and he is tilted towards my left side.  It was strange seeing my stomach point to the left.  LOL.  Oh well.

I should get my stroller/travel system and my ottoman/glider today (hopefully!!!).  I will post pictures!

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