Thursday, October 14, 2010

Needing to nest still...

Well, I still need to nest.  I am afraid I won't ever get there.  LOL. 

One story I forgot to tell yesterday was that my clinic almost burned to the grown on Monday!  Dr. S told me that the clinic (on the side I go to) caught fire before the clinic opened.  He said his staff just got there and was getting ready to open at 7:30 and that side's AC/heater unit caught fire.  The fire chief told them that in another 5-10 minutes it would have been a total loss!  AND, Dr. S was on call and he said he as asleep in his office when it happened!  He would have been trapped!!!!!!!!!!!!  UGH!  Bless his heart!  God was watching out for him & the clinic!

Matt spent the majority of the evening last night working on the glider and the playard.  Here are a couple of pictures.  My friend, Brooke, told me that you can see all the baby stuff in the background.  We need more space! 

Isn't Tobey cute?  He wanted in the picture, I guess.  I planted my booty in this chair all night (it is AMAZING!).  You can see my heel prints in the ottoman because I practically rocked myself all night.

I had BH contractions all night last night.  They are getting a little more intense...not painful...just more tight.  THEN, I got up to pee at about 3 am and I had a contraction from HELL.  I thought "this is it".  I barely made it back to the bed.  I was almost in tears and every breath was a whimper because it hurt so bad.  It felt like something grabbed my lower back on my right side and wrapped itself around my lower abdomen and then shot up the front of my tummy.  If I had one more of them then I was heading to the hospital.  I guess I was so tired that after it subsided I fell back asleep.  I haven't had another one since and I hope I DON'T!

It scared me because I really thought I wasn't going to make it to the hospital in time and I couldn't get DRUGS! 

I did get Dawson's bag packed last night so that is good...I got the car seat with two blankets ready...I got my diapers organized (I have enough for about 2 weeks...depending on Baby Huey's size!).  I am going to pack my bag tonight and do some more laundry.  Then, I just have to worry about vacuuming the entire house again and then hopefully shampooing the carpets before he gets here.  Yikes. 

We have a plan for our pups...Our cousin, Nick, is coming over to dog sit...he is "on call" for now :-)  Anyway, I am not planning to be here longer than next week at work.  So, I have about 7 days of actual work before I'm off.  I pray he doesn't make me go longer than the beginning of next week.  If he would induce on Friday (22nd) or Monday (25th) that would be good.  Mom's b-day is the 25th.  I think that would be a good present for her.

Of course, my plans will be all blown up, I'm sure.  I may stall out with dilation/effacing and not be able to have him for another few weeks....but that isn't my plan.  lol. 


Anonymous said...

Im an NICU nurse. Remember just because he is measuring 38.5 weeks doesn't mean that his lungs are that mature. His lungs are still 36 weeks. You don't want to have him too early. He needs to stay in there until he is ready! Don't rush him.

Tina said...

Don't make yourself think you have to have the drugs. Our bodies are made to do this stuff. I did with Carley and wish I wouldn't have after I had Taylor. Either way, just remember, YOU CAN DO IT! Think about the "old" days. No drugs then and they were born in a barn LOL