Friday, October 08, 2010

Moving up some deadlines...

So, um, last night I got a reality check. I know this little dude could come now or in 4 weeks, BUT, I got a reality check last night...

I felt really bad yesterday.  Just bad.  I was very uncomfortable and felt like my belly would burst.  Our swing came in last night and I sat in the floor and put it together...all the while hurting pretty bad...not contraction hurting, but just uncomfortable stretching hurting.  Anyway, a little after 8 pm I started having some pretty regular and close Braxton Hicks.  At 8:30 I started timing them and they were 3 minutes apart.  Yes, 3 minutes...I had 30 minutes worth of 3 minute contractions.  I was getting a little nervous, I didn't know whether to bother the doctor or not.  I don't want to be one of those moms that call every five minutes or go to the hospital 15 times and they send you home.

I was texting a few friends at the time and here was a convo with my friend, cracked me up...

Fawn: you think you should call?

Me:  IDK?  They aren't painful but just really tight...I'm still having them every 3 min

Fawn:  I just don't want u to wait til it's too late & matt end up having to deliver it.  One of u might not survive & my money would b on him :-)

That totally made me laugh. 

Anyway, I just had a lot going through my mind.  I have so much to settle and finish at work before I take off...I don't have anything washed...I don't have MY bags packed...I don't have my house finished...Dawson's room isn't finished...the dogs haven't been bathed...I don't have any groceries in the house...AND I don't have his car seat????  He CANNOT come just yet.  Well, it hit me last night...he can come ANY TIME he wants to...and my "planning" self can just deal with it. 

I have been really productive at work and I plan to be very productive at home this weekend.  I am getting a new washer and dryer this set is just not cutting it.  Yay.  But, I plan on finishing up the house (as much as I can without wearing myself out) and starting on the laundry for Dawson.  I will pack my bag and his bag and just be as ready as I can be.  He probably won't come until the full term...but it will make me feel better knowing I am ready if I have another night like last night!

PS, if you haven't "followed" the blog and you want to...that would be great.  I have 90 friends now and would like to hit over 100 before he is born!  I am a numbers' gal :-)


HandyFamily said...

I just started following. I have read your blog for a while, but have never commented. I am so happy for you and your husband!

Anonymous said...

I expected to carry my child full term (or late like all the women in my family). Ironically the week I turned 35 weeks my husband and I had felt this mad rush and made a list of things we HAD to get done i.e. the carseat-a mattress for the crib....every night that week we did something. I laid out the clothes and was going to pack our bags that weekend...On Friday, the Dr put me in the hospital(and no packed bag). On Saturday, the day I turned 36 weeks my son was born. Ready or not that baby's coming. There will be time to get things done while you're in the may have to send Matt or your Mom to do them while you get to enjoy Dawson, but they will get done!

Kristie Young said...

I love reading your blog posts at the end of the day bc you always seem to make me laugh. I hope he comes before ur due date that way it will be one surprise since fertility treatment kinda takes the surprise stuff out. :)