Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A moment...

I am having a moment. I was climbing into bed tonight after cooking dinner and cleaning up and thought..."our lives will never be the same". Matt and I have been pretty selfish with our time the last six years. My mind just went "there". Ya know?

I know, I knew that our lives would change but I have yet to let myself go there or to even believe this was actually happening...That Matt and I were having a baby. This little guy sort of kicks on cue when I have those "aha" moments. It just makes it more real.

Anywho, nothing earth shattering. Just a little nostalgic tonight.


Erin said...

When I was pregnant with Jillian, I remember looking at Nathan one night and knowing that our lives would forever be different. No more off to the movies on a whim. No just doing what we want when we want. And I was right. But it is amazing - I know you know that. I just completely understood what you were saying in your post.

Just Jiff said...

I had a couple of those too. They're amazing, huh? Scary at the same time. But just know that your life gets a bazillion times better after Dawson arrives. :) You can't possibly fathom it now, but you'll know what I'm talking about later. ;)