Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mom went a little overboard...

My mom went a little overboard on Saturday.  She found a pretty good sale at JC Penny's and the below picture says it all. 

About two weeks ago, my Grandma Bernice decided to go to the dump to drop off a bag of trash or two.  You gotta know her.  She is prissy and cannot stand for things not to be done and they MUST be done in a certain way.  (I wonder where I got that part...not the prissy part...because I am by FAR not prissy).

Anyway, she is 86.5 and can run circles around all of us.  She has been having some problems with arthritis and she fell a few weeks ago and cracked/broke some vertebrae in her back.  She was due for surgery last week but because of her impatience to wait for mom and dad to take her trash off (they live right beside her), she decided to go on her own.  She hasn't been strong enough really to do it...but she is hard headed (again, hmmm, where did I get my hard headedness?).

So, she fell at the dump and broke her pelvis in two places.  She is now in rehab for several weeks and she is none too happy about it.  She will more than likely miss Dawson being born because at this point, she isn't able to get up or move around or even stand.  Mom is her main caregiver and has been going by every day and doing her hair, changing her bed and taking her fresh laundry...well, she brought all of the items she bought for Dawson from her shopping trip.  As you can tell, he will be well dressed...I believe these are all or the majority of them are all newborn...soooo, I can change him every hour on the hour (along with the closet full I have at home).  LOL.

They are really cute.  I haven't seen them in person yet but they are cute!  You can see that Grandma got a kick out of the picture!  Dawson will be her fifth great-grandchild...her fourth great-grandson.

Anyway, wanted to share that picture.  It is priceless!

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HandyFamily said...

Gotta love grandma's! They are great!!!