Monday, October 04, 2010

I was show and tell at my GP's office...

I went ahead and made an appointment with my GP today.  I haven't been in awhile and everything was nicely updated and modern!  Anyway, I love Dr. H but he takes FOREVER.  However, he had two third year med students in and they hurried the process up.

This cute little med student called me back...he seriously looked 12.  I felt SO old...for the first time ever, my health was in the hands of someone who looked like a BABY!  Anyway, he asked to get my weight.  I gave him a hard time because 8.5 month pregnant women don't want to get on the scales...he started out like 40 lbs less on the scales...I told him that was a good move on his part.  LOL.  I told him to start at the 170's...and he looked

He gathered my history and I told him what my OB office said...PUPPPs.  I only had to wait about 15 minutes and Dr. H came in with Doogie and another young female med student...I was show and tell.  Dr. H had never seen a case of PUPPPs and everyone wanted to see it.  Nice.  I raised my shirt and Dr. H pointed to my laparoscopy scars and asked what they were from...I told him endo/cyst twice removed and he laughed and said, well the infertility was cured! 

Unfortunately, he didn't want to give me a shot...but he prescribed Ultravate cream and I can only use it for 10 days.  PUPPPs (if this is indeed PUPPPs) will last MUCH longer than 10 days!  So...I just hope this is a very mild case and the rash doesn't spread (like I read that it could).

So, I have a call into my OB to tell them what my GP said and to see if there is anything else I need to do.  I can take Benadryl so at least I will have a few good hours of sleep a night!!!  I may go bra-less at work (lol...that is where it itches the most), or maybe not.  My tummy is big enough to support them some...

Anyway, I was their first case of times, fun times.

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Ashley said...

Hope you are able to get the rash under control! And I envy that you can even consider going bra-less, if I attempted that people would be screaming and trying to gouge their eyes out!!!!