Thursday, October 07, 2010

Gaining Momentum...

I think I am gaining a little momentum when it comes to the house!  I have kept the living room clean for an entire WEEK!  That is a record!  I also cleaned the kitchen last night.  I have some deep cleaning to do in there but all in all it is acceptable.  I am going to try to tackle our bedroom (which isn't bad at all) and our master bath tonight.  After that, all that is left is our guest bedroom/dogs' room/office/junk room and the guest bathroom and then the nursery. I have done well not to go in the nursery and start on it until the rest of the house is clean!

All of the rest of our stuff should arrive next week...glider rocker/ottoman, playard, stroller travel system & swing.  I will then take inventory of what we REALLY need before Dawson gets here and then we should be all set.  AH! 

I am going to wait until 37 weeks to wash all the newborn clothes, sheets, towels, etc.  Yay, I can't wait.  I hope Dr. S will let me induce at 38 weeks if he thinks I am ready.  If he is going to be a big boy, I don't want to go to 40 weeks and me not be able to squeeze the guy out!

I am so excited how this next little project worked out.  I have a good friend who I met through work who is an amazing photographer.  I have been worried about who will take pictures the day I am in labor and when he is born.  I am usually the picture taker and, I think JUST maybe, I will not be able to get up and take pictures :-).  Matt isn't the best picture taker (sorry) so I really wanted someone to capture the day.  I was thinking about asking Angi all summer.  She lives over 2 hours away and the commitment of coming up and spending the day with us, etc is almost too much to ask.  Anyway, one day we started emailing back and forth and somehow it came up without me even ASKING!  She had been thinking the same thing!  SOOOO, if everything works out, I will call Angi as soon as we go into labor (or if we are induced, then she will know ahead of time) and she will drive up and capture the day for us.  She will actually be in the delivery room taking pictures of the whole process.  She is an amazing photographer and friend...I PRAY it works out because it will have to be the most perfect timing because she is one busy woman.  She is leaving the week I am actually due for a conference that I am sending her I have to have him before that week for this to work out.  Anyway, we are crossing our fingers.

I just want to share the entire full journey of Dawson on this blog.  I want him to know and see and be aware of how many people prayed for him and cried for him and loved him and I want him to know how much I (and Matt) love him and how WANTED he was/is.  I am sure the pictures in the delivery room will be of intimate moments and I will select the ones I want to share...but I want everyone to be a part in some way.  Weird, I know, but I hope it works out the way I have planned. 

On a cute note, Zach, was loving on me last night.  All the dogs (minus Dexter, cause he could care less) lay their head on my belly.  I just thought this was a cute picture...look at those eyes...he is saying "don't forget about me, momma, when Dawson gets here"

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