Saturday, October 23, 2010


The floors aren't as bad as we thought. We still had some wet spots but the restoration company is really taking care of us! Yay! He is even going to recommend my living room carpet be cleaned too!!! The industrial fans are about to put me to sleep...I love the noise.

I'm tingling again today. I have no idea why and neither do the docs either apparently. My arms are the victims so far. We'll see how it progresses throughout the day.

I'm still having more and more contractions. They are not intense or regular but I can tell they are getting a little tighter.

Nothing else is new. Matt and I will be going to my work today after he gets off work to work on my office space. We have two new employees starting and we need some furniture rearranged so Matt has been volunteered. Lol. He is the man for the job though. He will have everything in place for us.

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Karla said...

Just checking in to see your status, you're so close! TMI here,but fyi for you. Lost my plug on a Saturday night the following Monday my oldest was here. So You're close!!!