Wednesday, October 27, 2010

38 weeks today

I will say this is just unreal that I am at the end of being pregnant with Dawson.  He is moving pretty good right now (as I type).  I had a good lunch...I guess that is why.  I am 38 weeks today and feeling every bit of it.

I have been hormonal some throughout this pregnancy but I have felt pretty normal (if you don't agree, then just humor me).  My main hormonal emotion has been anger...not tears or anything like that...just flat anger.  My blood gets BOILING.  Anyway, enough of that.

Yesterday I was overwhelmed.  I don't know why I just was totally overwhelmed.  I had to go home and pile up in bed and sleep.  It was what I needed.  I slept so hard for about 2 no dreams or anything.  That hasn't happened in awhile.

My last day at work will be this Friday.  I have been worrying and putting together lists and time lines and stuff...I am to the point that I am just over analyzing everything.  I have got to finally let go on Friday and just veg for a few days before Dawson gets here.  I will feel better when I leave on Friday afternoon after I put my voicemail on and my out of office notice on my email.  I am going to leave on a 13 week can't believe it...13 full weeks!

My carpets look amazing.  He cleaned the bedroom carpet that got wet (which looks BRAND new now) and we had him go ahead and do our living room and master bedroom carpet as well.  Ahhh, it was sheer heaven walking in and seeing how clean and new they looked!  I guess I didn't realize how bad they were (three inside dogs will do that, I guess!)

Well, I am posting some naked belly shots.  One, I am covered (sort, my little undershirt doesn't quite cover the bottom of the belly...

OK...beware of the next two.  They are a front shot and side shot of the belly.  You can see my lovely stretch marks.  My belly button just flattened instead of popping out.  It sort of looks like it popped out but it is just my laparoscopy scars that formed keloids that are just protruding from my skin...enjoy!

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Just Jiff said...

Aside from your belly, you look TINY!!
You're almost there. I'm so excited for you!