Wednesday, October 13, 2010

36 Weeks today (but measuring 38.5 weeks)...

I went to the doc today and it was my first time to be checked!  It wasn't pleasant.  I have put on a little weight...7 lbs total.  Not too bad!  I just have been SOOO hungry the last week!  ALSO, I have already dilated to 1-2 cm and I am 50% effaced.  I am measuring 2.5 weeks bigger.  I asked if that warranted an ultrasound and he said he would schedule one for next week (Oct. 20th).  He also said that my body was cooperating and maybe I wouldn't go much past my next appt.  AHHHH!  That is almost 2.5 weeks earlier than anticipated!  AHHHH!  I asked how big he thought he was and he said about 6.5 to 7 lbs!  YIKES!  He said we are not looking at a wimpy little baby!

I have added a few pictures. He has totally dropped to me.  His head feels like I am trying to do a thigh master workout with him!  My hips have started to ache again too.

I also got a few things in the mail yesterday!  I got my ottoman.  LOL, I don't know why the ottoman and glider rocker shipped separately, but, I should get the rocker today.  I also got my car seat and stroller system.  WHEW!  I can bring him home from the hospital!  LOL!  I'm sure my neighbors had a hay-day watching me drag all of the big bulky boxes in the house. It was a chore putting it together.  I was getting pretty frustrated.  I also got the cutest Razorback jersey and pants from my friend, Sam!  Matt LOVED them.  It was so funny.  I would have taken a picture but my phone was dead last night and I don't know what Matt did with the outfit!  AH!  I will take a picture and post tomorrow.

I should also get my playard today.  I am excited about that he can at least have a place to sleep!  LOL.  We should be all set...basic "stuff" wise.  I am ready to hold him and to see his little face. 

Dawson was kicking me last night and I was able to mobilize his little foot and made Matt come over and feel it.  Matt was like "ooooh" and shuddered.  LOL, he said it wasn't gross but really weird.  I told him to tell me about it!


AY said...

Days Lisa Days!!! will hold your precious baby...You should go ahead and put in drafts a generic post "On His Way" we'll want to know when you are heading to the hospital!!!! I visit everyday just to see what's happening in Dawson's world!

Just Jiff said...

Woo hoo! It will happen any moment now!

Kristie Young said...

So exciting and a little nerve racking I'm sure. Sending prayers your way :)