Wednesday, October 06, 2010

35 weeks and less than 35 days remain!

Side View:

Front View: 

I am 35 weeks today.  I woke up pretty uncomfortable last night...I couldn't really distinguish why my tummy was hurting so bad...the pain didn't feel like contractions but I was very uncomfortable.  I also had NO appetite yesterday.  I barely ate on the other hand I have been hungry! 

My PUPPPs rash is still there...and still itchy.  I try not to think about it and not to scratch when it does itch.  I have also tried wearing low rider maternity pants so it won't itch as bad. 

"D" man is probably 5.5 lbs and about 18 inches long now.  He was really active last week but this past week he has been is a little lazy.  He "sloshes" more than he really moves.  I try not to panic if I don't feel him really moving.

I have changed my mind on some of my big items...long story, but I did exchange some of my bigger things and here is what I have gone with.  It is sort of a hodge podge of stuff...but I think I will be OK with it all.  I did end up getting the original travel system that I wanted.  Here are pictures...

Anyway...I don't like the fact that they are all hodge podge but I do like them all individually. I have them all ordered and HOPEFULLY they will all be in my hands by October 18th.  (Nothing like waiting until the last minute).


Just Jiff said...

Don't worry about the Hodge Podge. You don't want everything matchy because you'll get sick of the same print. I did.

That stinks about the rash. I'd go braless! I mean, if you're at a desk all day, you can wear whatever you want. :)

I woke up uncomfy one day and went to my doc and I was dilated. Not a lot, but more than I should've been. Hopefully you'll hang in there a little longer and that discomfort will go away.

Shandrea said...

Just want to send you HUGS. Sorry about the rash .;O(