Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nursery... is my attempt to catch my blog up to speed.  Over Labor Day weekend, Matt and I finished painting.  We do have some touch up to do...but all in all the nursery is painted and it is clear of office crap.  I have a before and some semi-after pictures...decorating has NOT begun and things are not even in place. 

Yes, it is a MESS!  also, we painted it baby blue after we started trying in hopes of getting pregnant.

Daddy Matt measuring to make sure our navy stripe is semi even up the wall!

Adding the navy stripe...
where we are now...we don't have the front on the crib yet

Anyway, the colors match the nursery bedding perfectly.  I am pleased with how it has turned out.  We have our first two showers this weekend so I know we will be in the nursery a lot this weekend putting things in place.  I am overwhelmed at this much to do and so little time.

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