Thursday, August 19, 2010


What a busy but productive day!  I hired a new girl at work and her first day was today...we got a lot accomplished and now I am tired!

I just have to praise God for a minute.  I had THREE friends (infertile friends) who had BIG days is the update...

Friend #1 found out she was pregnant after miscarrying in April and today was her 6 week ultrasound to hear the heartbeat etc.  It is a VERY nerve wracking day because you don't know if the baby will have a heartbeat or it be a viable pregnancy.  It is just a day you dread but hold out that hope that everything will be perfect.  Well, all went AWESOME and she is measuring perfectly and the heart rate was 150 bpm.  YAY for FRIEND #1!!!!

Friend #2 found out she was pregnant on Tuesday but her beta/qhcg was really low for what day she was on.  This was her EIGHTH IVF attempt and pretty much her last chance.  She was so excited to get a BFP but upset that the number was low.  She went in today for her second beta testing to see what it was...Well, they are moving in the right direction because her beta jumped to 366!!!!  YAY for FRIEND #2!!! 

Friend #4 found out she was pregnant today with her LAST frozen embryo!  This was their last chance too!  She had two left and one made the thaw and today she found out that she is pregnant!  YAY for FREIND #3.

I was so relieved and thrilled to keep getting the good news.  God is GOOD!  And, I am so thankful for good news today.  Please continue to pray for these friends.  They need prayer because worry is a KILLER! 

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Kristie Young said...

Its always such a blessing to hear success stories :)