Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My SECOND high reading....

Double UGH.  I just knew I was going to be borderline and be done with it.  I have done EVERYTHING right today...and my blood sugar was up to 131 after lunch (it needs to be under 120) and then an hour after THAT reading it had dropped to 77.  Can you say ROLLER COASTER!?

The two extremes make me feel horrible but in different ways.  I am afraid to stinking eat now!  I talked to my clinic and they said they wanted me to test three times a day (one more than what the dietitian said).  I am going to call the dietitian's office tomorrow (my RD is on vacation until next week but I hope someone is on duty).  I need the answers to the following questions:

1.  What do I do to get my sugar down besides drink water and take a walk?  (which I can't really walk because of the stupid round ligament pain)

2.  When my previous level is high...do I go ahead and eat my snack? Do I wait and fast it off? 

3.  What are the high readings doing to Dawson in the meantime? 

4.  Do I eat ALL of my carbs or just not OVER my carb restriction for that meal/snack?  Sometimes it is hard to get in!

Anyway - if you are a dietitian or have experience with gestational diabetes...let me know (in the meantime).  I think I am going to call my "condition" gestational dia"bleep"es.  And, I can insert my choice of dirty word for the time being.  I guess it will depend on my mood, which has been pretty foul. 

I do want to ask prayer for a good friend of mine...I am not giving details but she needs a miracle with her beta number.  Please pray for this person and lift her up...she needs a miracle...


Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa.....I love reading your blog and seeing all of the changes in Dawson! :) Your morning number of 66 and a couple hours after eating 77 are GREAT numbers....it is 100% normal for your blood sugar to spike after eating (the body has to have time to process your meals) but shouldn't spike over 200 within an hour of a meal. Most of the time, diabetics check their blood sugar before eating and an hour after eating if they are having real high readings.

Usually mild gestational diabetes only requires you to watch your bs readings for changes and your carb/sugar intake. Enjoy your pregnancy and worry less! The most common issue of this is a big baby unless it's a really serious case....hang in there!

I know Dawson is fine and so is his Momma! Woot...you are a Momma! Tell Matt hi, ok?

Anonymous said...

Oh...that was me, Florence!