Thursday, August 05, 2010


I had my glucose screening today and I flunked the first test.  My blood sugar was 193.  They want it under 140 and anything over 200 is more than likely a positive gestational diabetes diagnosis...I would say that I am pretty darn close.  I go back in on Monday for a three hour test.  Here was my lovely drink.  It really wasn't that would have been fine if I had a good 30 minutes to drink it, but I had to down it in five minutes for the test to work. 

I got to see Dr. Simmons today - I LOVED him.  He is just precious.  Dawson's heart rate is 149 bpm...I have been measuring it around 150 that seems perfect to me.  Also, my tummy is measuring at 28.5 weeks.  Dr. Simmons was measuring me and then asked me how far along I said I was probably going to have a big boy because I was measuring 2.5 weeks bigger than what I was!!!  My tummy says I am 28.5 weeks along not 26....and I am definitely 26 because we (of course) know the exact time of conception!

Everything else was fine.  I have gained a total of five pounds the entire pregnancy.  Yay, me.  If the gestational diabetes test comes back positive then I am sure I won't gain another pound because I will HATE food the I will be required to eat.  My saving grace has been Subway...but I will have to cut out carbs!  Yikes!

I hope to work on the nursery this weekend and get it really functional or getting it close to being functional.  My to-do list is growing...I am almost getting nervous...I have so much to do before he gets here personally and professionally.  I will be a nervous wreck if I don't have my loose ends all up in pretty bows by the middle of October.  Sigh.  I am sure I will get it all done. 

I asked about the round ligament pain and I got the same answer...not much can be done...if anything.  He told me to go get a big body pillow and prop my back up against it.  He said that might help.  Other than that...Dawson (aka Baby Huey) will just continue to grow and stretch those ligaments!

Oh, when he laid me back to measure my tummy he grabbed my ankles and said, "YOU STILL HAVE ANKLES!!!"  lol, I am glad I decided to shave my calves today.


Anonymous said...

Don't be surprised if you are actually 28 weeks...I had IVF with 3 other women the same week and we all had babies 6 weeks apart...So maybe your baby is growing faster!

Ashley said...

Ugh! Sorry about flunking your test. The good news is that your nails look FABULOUS!

Just Jiff said...

I hated that test too. The worst part (other than the nastiness of it) was waiting til I got my blood drawn, then the severe sugar crash on the way home. :( I thought I was going to fall asleep driving home!

Your nails do indeed look fabulous. :)

I know many people who failed the first one but passed the 3 hour one, so there's still hope for you! :)

lmashe81 said...

I love Dr Simmons also. He is the one that induced me with Levi because my blood pressure was elevated while i was on blood pressure med. He was awesome. He even prayed with me. That is a great clinic!!!