Friday, July 02, 2010

Yeah, I'm going to be huge.

My tummy is seriously pooching out now.  I need to take another picture.  I am afraid that stretch marks are creeping their way in.  Not fun.  I should be a vamp in the Twilight books not because I am freakishly gorgeous~not by a long shot~but because I am freakishly white.  My tummy is almost translucent and you can see veins and varicose veins and my spleen and gallbladder.  JK, OK, not my spleen or gallbladder but I almost don't need an ultrasound machine to see the kid!!  I am seriously that freakishly white!

OK, so that was random, but my point is that you can see EVERY little skin or under the skin blemish on my tummy...and I am afraid of stretch marks and varicose veins.  Oh well, I have already started my "Tummy Tuck" jar.  I am collecting all the loose coins for the next 25 years and then maybe we can just afford an overhaul on this entire body.

So, today something funny happened.  One of my cyclists called and we were chatting.  He has been apart of my life with the non-profit I work for since I started in 2001.  He is awesome.  Anyway, so we were chatting and the conversation sounded a little like....

Me:  "Hey Scott, did you know we are going to have a baby?"
Scott:  "We are?"
Me:  "Well, not you and me but me and my husband obviously".

LOL, Scott didn't miss a beat...."We are?".  Oh, the fun.

Matt started a new job yesterday.  We are so thrilled and excited and overwhelmed by God's provision. It was better than we originally thought and we are so relieved and excited.  Unfortunately, the insurance does NOT cover fertility stuff.  I was secretly hoping that they had coverage but the don't, oh well.

Anyway, Happy 4th of July.  We are heading to the lake with mom and dad.  First I have to take Tobey to the vet.  We think he has kidney stones again.  Two years ago he had SIX kidney stones and he had some really major surgery done where they had to cut through his bladder to get them out.  Kidney stones in the bladder?  Is that possible?  For some reason that is what I think they had to do...IDK, we are just going to pray that he will be OK and we can treat him without having to have surgery.  Poor baby.

Take care and have a great weekend!

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