Thursday, July 15, 2010

Matt's first purchase :-)

I hope he doesn't read this.  Matthew, baby, if you read this I love you and I think it was SOOOO sweet to buy the baby something!!!!  I love this story.

So, Matt comes home with the above shoes...WAY CUTE!!!  ADORABLE, I LOVE THEM.  Matt is color I say...

Me:  Matt, these are so cute

Matt:  I saw them and had to get them...they are cool.

Me:  Matt, do you know that they are brown and PINK?

Matt:  WHAT?

So, we will have to get Dawson some really cute jeans and a pink polo shirt or something and have his picture made in these...even though they are girl's shoes... :-)  It is the thought that counts!!!


Ashley said...

How funny! Maybe it's premonition. There could be a girl in your future. :)

Just Jiff said...

HAHAHAHAH!!!! Love it!

WriterGirl said...

HAHAHAHAH!! I am cracking up!! That was a great laugh and I needed it! Put this story in the baby book!

becca said...

oh my goodness... David and I are both laughing. That is too cute... and yes, definitely get his picture made in those. Precious! thanks for the OUT LOUD laugh for both of us

Marc and Charity said...

LOL. that has made me laugh so hard. make sure you dress Dawson each morning ok???