Monday, July 12, 2010

Hormonal Swings.

For the last week or so I have had some major hormonal swings. MAJOR.  I am just crabby.  Not much going on...just really blah.  The only thing that makes me happy is feeling Dawson kick.  That's it.  And, when I don't feel him kick...I get depressed.  STRANGEness.  I just want to crawl in a hole and just go to sleep...good peaceful sleep. 

I have not been sleeping well and Matt has been going to bed later and getting up before six. I am usually up a few times in the night because either the dogs need to go out or I have to go the most consecutive sleep I get is about 2 the MOST.  I guess that is enough to make you crabby.

I slept almost 1 hour and 45 minutes in the recliner was solid sleep. IDK, I am just crabby.  There is a lot to do and I must keep a smile on my face with my job...I am just crabby, I tell you, just flat crabby.

I think I could really be a hermit.  Random, I know, but very true.  I could probably stay in my house and never ever come out...I need an upswing of hormones now. 


Ashley said...

Ok hormonal lady--I am acting the same way and I am not even pregnant!!! I keep telling my husband that I just want to be a hermit. haha-what are the odds?
Hope you get that boost of happy hormones soon and send some my way would ya??? :)

Marc and Charity said...

I'm crabby too. Love you.