Tuesday, July 06, 2010

A couple of things...

First of all, my heart is breaking for a fellow infertility blogger, "S". She and I were a few weeks apart in our pregnancies and her little boy angel went to heaven at 19 weeks (this weekend).  Last year, she had two little angels (with two separate pregnancies) enter heaven early in their development, as well..  Her faith is strong...however, if you can think of this sweet friend and pray for her and her husband...she would greatly appreciate it.

Second of all, Sunday marked my one year anniversary for IVF treatments.  I cannot believe that it has been a year. It has been a learning experience and a very long journey.  My MIL makes the best cakes in the world.  She truly does...thank goodness because Dawson will NEVER lack for an incredibly decorated cake at his birthday!!!!  Anyway, I am taking a cake by the fertility clinic on Thursday before my 22 week appointment at the OB.  I am excited to see everyone...they may not care or even remember me...but they have been such a HUGE part of my life and I wanted to just show a little appreciation to them.

3.  I am feeling better...the gagging is decreasing and I feel a little more energy (I think).  I started cleaning out the office last night...which will be Dawson's room.  I am trying to organize all the bills and important documents as I go so nothing will be lost in the shuffle.

4.  Tobey does have a kidney stone.  He is on antibiotics, pain meds and special food and hopefully when we go back in a month to see if the stone is still there it will be gone. I HOPE it is gone...because if not then he has to have surgery.  I DO NOT want that at all :-(  Poor baby.  He will have to be on the special food forever now.

5.  TMJ.  Boy, my TMJ is totally acting up.  I do have two cracked fillings in the back...due to my grinding.  My left side is getting worse...I have felt the pain for the last couple of days...the one on the right can wait until after the baby is born.  I was supposed to get the left one fixed in June but I didn't have an extra $500 laying around to do it. So, I put it off until the end of July.  I don't think I will have a choice now...I am going to have to bite the bullet and just have it done.  I was hurting so bad last night that I actually found my crusty old mouth piece (that has NO telling what on it) and scrubbed it as best I could and then put it in my mouth.  Yes, I put it in my mouth.  I found myself praying as I was drifting back to sleep "Please Lord, don't let there be mold or anything on it..."  I really didn't care...I needed relief and I was grinding so bad my TOP teeth were hurting!

6.  We went to the lake this weekend with the parents.  It was comical.  Mom and dad have a house boat and with five dogs (our 3 and their 2) and four adults...well, it got a little crazy sometimes.  We cannot stay at the dock because there is NO way I am marching myself up 15 times a day with three crazy dogs to go do their business!  So, we took the boat to an island and spent 3 days there.  The island is perfect.  The dogs can roam and can't go anywhere else really.  So, we had to teach them to go up and down the ramp...it was funny.  Also, our dogs are a sickly bunch...we had medicine time...Kip (my old Maltese which Mom has now), takes 2 shots a day of insulin due to his diabetes...Tobey had to take 2 antibiotics and 2 pain pills for his kidney stone...Maggie (mom's cocker spaniel is deaf & blind) and mom has to put drops in her glass eye...and Dexter is on 2 pills a day for his seizures.  Sigh...yes, seriously, they are that high maintenance, but we love them.

7.  A momma bird and a daddy bird built a nest on the back of the boat and it had two little baby birds in there.  We had a dilemma...when we left the dock for THREE days...how were the baby birds going to get fed??  The momma and daddy birds wouldn't know where they were!  So, when we stopped to gas up at the marina...mom went in and got worms.  Mom tried to feed those boogers worms all weekend.  Sometimes they cooperated and sometimes they didn't.  She had to feed them with tweezers.  It was VERY comical.  Also, when we got back to the dock, mom had run out of worms...so she shaped hot dogs in the form of worms and fed them to the baby birds.  We thought she killed one of them because the hot dog didn't go down as easily as the worms.  LOL.  However, 30 minutes after we were back the momma bird came back and so we hope all is OK now.  It was funny.  We fretted over those things all weekend!

Guess that it is...

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Just Jiff said...

OMG!!! Your mom fed the birds worms with tweezers?! That's hilarious and awesome at the same time!!

And wow on the doggie issues. lol.