Monday, June 14, 2010

What's in a name...

I wanted to explain why we chose Dawson Paul as the baby's name.  From the time Matt and I got married and began discussing kids (which was immediate), we had settled on the names Dawson Paul and Malia Grace. 

We eloped (if you didn't know that already) and when we went to Hawaii for our honeymoon, our photographer's dog was named Malia.  LOL.  Yes, the dog's name was Malia.  She was a Shih Tzu.  WE LOVED that name!  Grace is my great grandmother's name and they called her Gracie.  So...Malia Grace.  Also, Malia could be "Ma" for Matt and "Li" for Malia could be a cross between my name and Matt's.  Anyway...

So, Dawson Paul.  My mom's maiden name is Dawson.  My beloved grandfather's name was Blann Dawson. I always wanted Blann as a name because it was different and because we loved him so much, but Blann Brown didn't sound too good so we settled on Dawson.  We love it too.  It already fits the little guy.  Paul is Matt's middle name and his dad's middle name and his grandfather's middle name and like every other male in his family's middle name.  So Dawson Paul just fit.

I am pushing 19 weeks.  My belly is getting bigger.  My sister-in-law's wedding was this weekend (and it was so pretty) and I think I counted over 10 people rubbing on the belly.  I don't quite care...but I would really prefer my belly to be more rounded and VERY pregnant and tight instead of a little lumpy cause everything hasn't stretched out to a massive belly bump yet before they start rubbing on the ol' tummy.  I guess pregnant bellies are just magnets...people are just drawn to touch and rub!

I looked up on some baby name website the "meaning" of Dawson Paul.   I go SO tickled because it means "Son of Ralph".  Let's HOPE the fertility clinic didn't mix up our sperm with someone named "Ralph".  LOL, I don't know, my sense of humor is just flat wrong.  

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