Monday, June 07, 2010

This week is the week we find out gender!

I don't care...boy or girl.  And, I STILL feel like I don't want to know!  That is CRAZY of me!  I know!  Every part of this pregnancy even the conception has been planned.  I knew the day I ovulated...conceived...and knew I could possibly be pregnant through the whole process.  There have been no surprises.

And, the waiting...the waiting to find out betas and to find out if it was a viable pregnancy...all of that had an outcome of GOOD or BAD.  This "waiting" to find out what the baby is has a GOOD/GOOD outcome.  Boy or girl...who cares? 

The decision has been made.  Everyone around me in my family HAS to know.  Matt said he was not NOT going to find out.  So...I guess we will find out.  It will be great to say Dawson or will be great to pick out appropriate clothing...nursery...etc. 

I am excited about Thursday....but not necessarily about finding out gender...just to see the little one again on the screen...that is excitement enough! 

Also, my friends', Pam and Laney ,have scheduled my first baby shower.  I think I will have three maybe four showers.  The date is September 25th!  I can't believe we have a shower booked.  In the following weeks we will definitely go register for baby stuff :-)  It will be fun.

Also, I DON'T want to assume and send any shower invites to anyone who doesn't want one...however, if you WANT a shower invitation, please email me your name and address at  I have had several people ask to be invited that have read our blog...and I don't want to leave anyone out!  Baby Brown has been prayed for by hundreds of people even before he/she was even conceived and many people want to be a part...I totally understand!  So, email me if you want an invite!!!


Ashley said...

I think it's a girl. Idk why...I just think so. And I would love to send you something if you will send me your address at If you are worried that I might be creepy...then I understand. ;-)

Erin said...

Obviously, my hubby and I agree about not finding out the gender. It is a lot of fun that way - at least to us. But I think if he was going to know, I would have to know, too. Maybe you'll get "lucky" and Baby Brown won't cooperate. Then you won't know but can say you tried :).

Elise said...

So excited to find out what you are having! Really cute names by the way. Sorry I haven't been commenting on here as much. Financing for IVF wasn't approved so we are looking into other things. On a happier note, my husband just got accepted to medical school and we got a puppy! YAY! Something to take my mind off things. I continue to send good thoughts and wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy your way! Take care, Elise

Meredith Krisell said...

Hey girl! This is sooo exciting! I definitely want an invite to one of your showers! Can't wait to find out about your appt. tomorrow! Praying!