Thursday, June 03, 2010

Put a fork in me.

The top of my tummy is so tight right now if you put a fork in me - I am sure it will POP!  I just can't believe how much my stomach is growing!  It's getting hard too which is just weird!

I still haven't gained any weight yet.  I am five pounds smaller than I was when I started IVF.  I still don't have an appetite and NOTHING tastes good when I eat.  I am not worried about the no weight gain.  I had some weight to shift over to baby weight...and I hear everyone now, "OH JUST WAIT! The WEIGHT will come!".  I am going to try to not over eat (if and when) my appetite comes back.

My sister-in-law's wedding is next weekend and I need to find a dress.  Sorry, that was random, but I just thought about it.  I am fully in maternity clothes now.  Thanks to my mom for hooking me up with some really cute things.

The last two nights I have been so exhausted.  I went to sleep at 6:45 last night and woke up to say hi to Matt when he got home and went right back to sleep.  I am fighting sleep now so I am sure I will crash again tonight.  Zach, my schnauzer, has been unusually clingy.  He is a he weighs 35 lbs.  His papers say miniature which he is totally a standard.  He just kept growing!  Anyway, he always snuggles right up beside me as close as he can...but last night and this morning he kept using my belly as his pillow.  He would NOT was so sweet.  He loves me.  I know their world will change when the baby gets here, but I hope I can juggle it all.  OK, I hear everyone giggling and snorting and laughing at me now, "JUST WAIT..."  I understand there will be changes.  So get off my back :-)  jk.

I have several friends going through some tough struggles right now with their hopes to conceive. PLEASE pray for any and all of these ladies...
  • My friend "A" if you remember she was on her 6th and final IVF round) well, the ovaries didn't produce and they had to convert the IVF into an IUI.  The doctors say no more IVF.  She and her hubs have some decisions to make if this IUI round is not successful
  • My friend "C" miscarried about four weeks ago and she and her hubs have decided to move on to IVF.  They are on the calendar for an August cycle.  Pray they get pregnant BEFORE then and don't have to worry about IVF!!!
  • My friend "K" found out today they her IUI round was unsuccessful.  
  • My friend "L" miscarried a few weeks ago.  This was her 7th miscarriage.  Yes, I said 7th. Please please please pray for her.
  • My blog friend "A" just had an embryo transfer.  She is in her 2ww right now.  She has GREAT odds.  The doc says 80% chance of one and 50% of twins.  
  • My blog friend "J" just found out she has a positive beta from her IVF round; however, it is at 15.  The docs say it could go either way for her.  Please pray that number just starts to multiply like crazy!
  • My friend "M" just had retrieval yesterday and she had 11 eggs...8 were ICSI'd and 4 fertilized.  She gets the grades tomorrow and is looking at a 3 day transfer.  Please pray this works for she and her hubs...this is their last chance/round!
  • My friend "S" miscarried with her last FET and will be starting another FET soon.
And, on a PRAISE THE LORD note.  I have two friends who have struggled YEARS AND YEARS with infertility and they both adopted baby girls in the last year...both are RANDOMLY pregnant.  One is due in July (with another baby girl) and one is about 15 weeks along.  Also, I have another friend that randomly got pregnant after a failed IUI and she is due in July!  There are several of my blog friends that are pregnant now.  Please pray for "E", "S", "K", "C" and I know I am missing someone!  Forgive me if I have!

Please pray for the above ladies.  The journey through infertility is lonely, devastating and it just leaves you empty and feeling discarded. If you can remember these in your prayers...that would be amazing...

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