Monday, June 14, 2010

Please share with me...

Mom and I recently went to Babies r us last week and I just walked around in complete awe and was admittedly overwhelmed.  So, I am asking for all you moms out there to give me some advice on what you CANNOT live without.  We are in the researching stage of car seats, strollers, diapers, bottles, bouncers, pack-n-plays, etc...and I need your help!  Can you comment on a few things that you cannot live without and the REASON behind it?  Please list as many things as you'd like...brand names...where you got name it!  The more info the better.

THANK YOU!  Please comment comment comment!


Just Jiff said...

Don't waste your money on wipe warmers and stuff like that.
You'll want an organizer for your changing table that holds diapers, wipes, powder, etc. Also a diaper genie has come in quite handy.

If you get a jogging stroller, get one where the front wheel turns and doesn't stay straight.

I got an audio/video baby monitor...the video is awesome to have. You can look in on your baby at all times. :)

get lots of gas drops. :)

Baby bathtub and a stool to sit on next to the tub... I have one that opens and you can put stuff inside of it.

Holly said...

look into good soft-structured baby carriers, such as a Beco or an Ergo. skip the bucket carseats (the ones with the handles) and get a good convertible seat, such as a Britax. It's much better quality than the Graco bucket, and it's much easier to carry a baby in a stroller or a Beco/wrap. see if there are babywearing groups in your area where you can learn to wear your baby and try different styles.

Anonymous said...

Boppy's wonderful when nursing, hold the baby (there little but the still get heavy), supports their torso at tummy time, and great support when their trying to sit up.

Gigi said...

I have been reading for you blog for a few months. I have a sweet little in-vitro baby boy myself that was born March 19. We used AR Fertility also. We could not live without our swing. It's the Fisher Price little lamb Cradle Swing. He still takes his best naps in it and for the first month it went it our room at night! He now loves his bouncy seat, Fisher Price Rainforest and the Soothe and Play Woodland Animals. He has one here and my moms. Oh, and we got a rocker/chair from Pickles and Ice Cream in LR for his room. Love it too!

Anonymous said...

I could not have lived without our swing -- I'm not positive the brand b/c it's put away now (the features probably matter more than the brand anyway), but it was from Babies R Us and it was pink and brown (although I'm sure they make a boy color combo!) and it had lights at the top and spun around and also soft toys that spun around too. It played music and (importantly, to me anyway) it swung side to side and front to back. I could only put her in that and have her stay asleep for the first few months. Otherwise when I'd put her down she'd wake up. It was maybe $160, so kind of pricey, but I used it every day and it was worth the money. There are definitely cheaper swings but this one really worked for us!

Mindee said...

To each his own... I loved my wipey warmer, diaper changes were much better to have a warm wipe vs a cold one. I used it until A was 18 months old. The other thing was a front baby carrier. A had colic so from 9pm to 1am every night for almost 6 weeks I would strap him in the carrier and walk. We walked outside, I wore a trail in my carpet from walking inside. (I hope that you don't have to mess with colic, but if you do.. this helps.) I also used it at the grocery store, and baseball games. I thought it would be great for you when you are busy with your weekend walk MS you can throw Dawson in and he can come right along... (of course research the one you get.)
Gas Drops. And don't skimp on a monitoring system!!! HAVE FUN.

channing said...

I think if you are breast feeding, definitely a hooter hider is THE BOMB. All the ladies in my family use theirs....constantly. Also, don't forget about the diaper disposal (the genie is awesome). I've nannied for quite a while for a family who DOESN'T have one and it can smelllllll. ALSO! Don't forget to get yourself something after baby is born. It's vital to keep you and Matt still as a couple, a husband and wife. Okay, I'm done. Also, a good diaper rash cream is vital.

Leigh Green said...

I agree that a video monitor is a must! Brady is almost five years old and I still use it. There is no greater comfort than watching your baby sleep and knowing he is in a safe position. We started out with the tv style monitor but it got knocked off the table by a busy toddler. We now have the cordless handheld monitor that came with a color camera. However we still use the black/white camera that we originally had. The color cameras do not work very well at night. I set it up anyway and have used it more during the day when he is playing in his room. We have the Summer brand and you can get them pretty much anywhere baby stuff is sold.

Anonymous said...

I L-O-V-E my Ergo carrier!! It allows you to wear your baby up till they're a toddler either in front, on your hip or on your back. Plus it puts all the weight on your hips instead of your back.

I have a video monitor by Summer. Love that I can see my daughter and check on her w/o having to go into the nursery. It has also helped us learn the difference of her cries.

Also HIGHLY recommend The Happiest Baby on the Block sound CD. The white noises are incredibly effective in calming my LO. I made copies to have one in each car and the house.

Liz said...

cradle swing - fisher price makes a number of varieties - we have the aquarium one (ocean wonders). We also LOVED the crib vibrator. The best tummy drops are Little Tummies Gripe Water. The best nursing pads are Lansinoh. The best bottles are the BPA-free Dr. Browns. We used a Medela breast pump - don't waste money on a cheapy one - go ahead and get the cadillac one since you're a working mom.

I didn't ever bother with a changing table - just change him on the carpet. I used underpads from the incontinence aisle - they are disposable are much larger than the ones they sell for diaper changes.

One thing I never got, and I wish I did, was a swaddling wrap. I never learned how to swaddle well and I think my boys would have slept better if I had a wrap that velcroed shut.

Carters waterproof mattress pads - get the deluxe ones - they are worth the extra couple bucks for sure. I also love the carters crib sheets. Gerber clothing and bedding is cheaply made - I'd steer clear of that. And if you need to supplement formula, I highly recommend Good Start. I tried the Enfamil and Similac, and they both caused colic in my boys. The GOod Start was a godsend.

Good luck girl!

Erin said...

A good bouncy seat was a must for us. J loved it and it helped a lot when she was ready for cereal but not ready for a high chair. I didn't get (nor did I want) a video monitor. I knew myself well enough to know that I would just sit and watch - and not sleep or be productive. So I have no plans on getting on this time area. The audio was great for us. Have lots of bibs and onesies because he will be messy and you aren't always going to want all those "cute" outfits.

heather hoob said...

Hey! here is our must have/ never could have gotten by w/o list!

Moby Wrap - Ry had collic from 6pm until 11pm for months and this was the only thing that would calm him. We also had a front carrier that was much easier to use when we were out and about.

Bobby Pillow - Especially if you are going to nurse.

White Noise CD - We used the same track on repeat for about a year. He wouldnt' sleep without it. Oh and we had to turn it up very loud. We found this out by him calming when we were vaccumming - I'm embarressed to say but we even intentionally let the vaccum run a few times in his room to get him to sleep - horrible, I know.

Things I had but found no use for: the swaddling pj's w/ velcro. Just learn to swaddle really good. Steal all of the good blankets you can from the hospital -they are the best swaddling blankets and you can't buy them anywhere.

Enjoy the shopping scanner gun! It's a blast!

Anonymous said...

I am a new Mom to a 3 week old little boy- I had to add a few comments. We chose the Chicco carseat and stroller system. It is rated #1 for safety in Consumers Report. I absolutely love it- the stroller is very light weight and only takes one hand to open and close!
If you are going to nurse- a nursing cover is a must have. Mine is Peanut Shell brand. It has a wire piece that allows the cape to bow out and you can look down and get a perfect view of the baby while nursing, but others cannot see in! Makes nursing around friends and family easy!

My #1 is a movement monitor. I bought the Angelcare from Babies R Us. It is 100% worth the money! It is a movement and sound monitor. It monitors the babys breathing. If during the night, your child quits breathing, it beeps after 15 seconds and then an alarm sounds after another 5 seconds. You will sleep so much better knowing that your baby is fine. Ours works perfect and we have not had a single false alarm. I think this costs about$140 and it is the best money I ever spent!