Thursday, June 24, 2010

A little scare...

I traveled for work this was a busy, non-stop kind of day.  When traveling (for work), I am used to going going going and not stopping to breathe until bedtime.  However, I guess I now have to listen to my body.  I purposefully packed light but I guess I still over did it.

I wasn't cramping or anything but by the time we had reached our staff outing that evening, I went to the bathroom and I had begun spotting.  Yeah, spotting.  I just sat there staring at the toilet paper like...why is there pink kool-aid on my t-paper?  Yeah, pink.  Not much but enough to throw a person into a panic. The next hour I kept going back to the bathroom and the spotting became brown.  I was trying to think of what I could do?  Who I could call?  Just trying not to panic in front of my new co-workers and team!  UGH.  Stressful. 

I emailed a new friend, "L" a L&D nurse and she gave me some good advice.  I ended up calling my clinic on the after hours number.  Dr. B was on call and he said that if it got worse tonight then go to the ER; however, I probably just overdid it with traveling and he told me just to take it easy.  I continued to spot throughout the night and into the morning.  It was a quick trip and I flew out early yesterday morning.  I was so freaked out because I knew I had to make the trek back home!

I went the the bathroom regularly and by my 10 am bathroom run I had stopped spotting.  Since I stopped spotting, my OB told me to take it easy for the rest of the day and to stay hydrated and if anything changed to call immediately.  I had just been too active!  CRAZY! 

I am better today (mentally).  I am still sore and achy from traveling.  When I got home yesterday I broke out the doppler and heard the heartbeat just as strong as can be...I also felt him moving some yesterday so I felt better that too.

Anyway, pray this "spell" is over with.  I don't ever want to go through that again!


Ashley said...

How scary!!! Take care of yourself girl!!! Glad everything is okay.

Anonymous said...

I had that happen once and my doc told me that you have spots of "left over AF" that as ur uterus grows they bust and you spot a little. It happened to me as I was going to a wedding in Houston and I was freaked out to, but it ended up being nothing.. Hang in there girl! :-)