Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My ONE year Bloggerversary is tomorrow!

Tomorrow will be exactly a year since I first started blogging.  243 posts and 38,000+ views later and here we are.  Seems like an eternity.

I had just had my second laparoscopy when I started blogging...2 rounds of IVF, an FET, 2 BFP (big fat positives), 1 BFN (big fat negative) and a miscarriage later...and here we are sitting at 16 weeks pregnant.

What a difference a year makes.

I was pretty darn sick last night.  I hope and pray I truly get to enjoy my second trimester like I am SUPPOSED TO!  :-)

I haven't really felt any movement yet.  I have felt a few twinges but nothing I can pin point.  I cannot wait until the kicking begins.  It will just make it more real.

It really has gone by pretty fast.  I am four months into being pregnant and in just two short weeks we find out the gender.  I am trying to enjoy every moment.  I don't want to rush things and I try to savor every moment.  I feel like I am going through my much anticipated vacation and it is going by too quickly.  Chances are this will be my only pregnancy and the miracle that my body is going through right now is too amazing to want it to hurry along.  I want to dig my heels in the sand and put on the brakes!  Even in the midst of my puking, gagging and dry heaving...I have enjoyed every moment.  (I would enjoy it a little more if I wasn't so sick...but that wasn't the hand I was dealt). Oh well, I am good with it.

Matt is gone for four days with work so it will be me and the boys for the week.  My sweet husband never sits still and doesn't go to be until late and gets up early for work, SO, I hope that I will get to get some really good sleep this week.  SORRY HONEY!  I love you, though!

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