Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jedi mind games...

I have been physically sick seven out of the last nine nights.  It has been brutal.  Last night I half way craved some Chinese food:  Fried Rice.  I never want Chinese food...Matt was pleasantly surprised and thrilled.  I go and pick up the fried rice and ate a small bowl full.  I was OK for about an hour and then the nausea hit in full force.  I tried breathing techniques.  I tried anything and everything and I didn't get sick even though I probably would have felt better if I had.  So it comes down to this:  Jedi Mind Games.  It was totally mind over matter.  I teetered on the edge many many times though.

Anyway, the Zophran no longer helps :-(  I have lost altogether five lbs.  Which isn't bad really, I could afford to not gain a pound this pregnancy, honestly.  I probably have lost more than five pounds because I only have a "movement" once a week and that doesn't amount to much anyway.  So...I am sure I have a good 10 pounds down in the ol' intestines that I could claim.

Milk of Magnesia helps but I can't keep anything down that tastes good much less forcing down something that doesn't taste good.  As of this morning I had to switch my prenatal vitamin to the morning so it would actually stay in my system. We will see how that works.

Funny story.  On Mother's Day we went to stay the weekend at my parents' house.  As we were leaving late Sunday night (Matt and I were in separate cars 'cause my dad worked on his air conditioner in his truck), I had to jump out of my car before I threw up.  I ran to the yard and just let the grass have it!  I had my glasses on my head and when I leaned over to throw up the glasses flew off my head and into the puke.  LOL. AND, before I could get the glasses out of the puke, I threw up on them again!  Mom runs to get me a wet wash cloth and Matt comes over to comfort me.  He takes my glasses inside the house and washes them off and then mom is standing over me with an umbrella because it is raining...it was quite comical to say the least (well, at least now).

I have a new fixture in my car.  It is a big empty bubble gum bucket with a trash bag in it.  Yes, I have a puke bucket in my car.

Tomorrow I hit 14 weeks.  I can't believe it.  My belly is starting to pooch.  I actually feel a little pregnant now with my belly.  I have a couple inches of "health" on top of the pooch that makes me look more pregnant than I am but hey, that's OK.


Ashley said...

This cracked me up! Not because you are sick--but because that puking on your glasses thing sounds like something I would do. Bless your heart, hopefully the sickness (and constipation) goes away soon. Thank you for your comment on my blog--I will certainly be using your tips!

Kristie Young said...

You always make me laugh Lisa :) so glad tomorrow will be 14 weeks!!!!