Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Cracked fillings and rotten peanut butter...

I guess my third post in one day shows that I have gone through some withdrawals!  I am 13 weeks today.  I think I have gotten a little energy back.  I haven't felt the "pass out I am so tired" exhaustion as much as I had a few weeks ago.  I still can't regulate my eating habits.  It is so weird that I get sick at my stomach if there isn't anything in it.  And, NOTHING sounds good.  I don't WANT to eat but I HAVE to or I get sick!

Tonight is my first night in 10 straight weeks without a shot or a pill (besides my prenatal).  I am officially released from progesterone; however, the pills really knock me on my butt so I will miss getting the very hard sleep I have gotten the last few weeks. 

OK, rotten peanut butter.  I have the nose of a blood hound.  I smell things from miles away (lol).  EVERYTHING smells like rotten peanut butter.  I smell it at my house...I guess the common denominator is me...but I know I don't smell like rotten peanut butter.  Someone messaged me and said they could smell their own boogers sooooo...maybe that's it?

I have TMJ and I have known for several months (since like July of last year) that I have been grinding my teeth.  My dogs got my mouth piece or something happened to it so I haven't been wearing it.  Do you think I might have been under some stress in the last year?  Anyway, one of my front bottom teeth has cracked off I scheduled an appointment with my dentist.  I have porcelain fillings all throughout my teeth.  Anyway, I have been grinding my teeth so much that I have cracked my fillings on my back two bottom molars and I have to get CROWNS!  I am too young for crowns!

I have also been very moody.  Poor Matt.  I have been so hungry for something or anything but I don't want anything - well it has driven him crazy.  I texted him tonight and here's how the convo went:

Matt:  R u ok?
Lisa:  I'm hungry
Matt:  U r
Lisa:  Yes but I don't know what I want.  What do u want?
Matt:  Anything.
Lisa:  Help me
Matt:  I would but I'm not pregnant, so I don't know what tastes good for u.
Lisa:  Name Stuff
Matt:  How bout u visualize me doing that, that way I don't have to txt all those restaurants.
Lisa:  Thanks
Matt:  I will get the phone book and start txting 90 food places if u want me to baby

So, I went to sonic.  I love the "How bout u visualize me doing that"!  ha.


Just Jiff said...


I'm on a Sonic kick too...and I'm not pregnant - yet.

I'm not sure what rotten peanut butter smells like, but my sense of smell was VERY heightened when pregnant, too. I couldn't walk through Target near the candle or detergent aisles. Ick!

lauren said...

Matt better get it in gear! ha! The IVF nurses are on standyby, if he needs a tune up.....
Debby will be sent first. hahahaha

if you smell the same bad smell everywhere, maybe it is your detergent, or bodywash. Im trying to think of things that may stay with you everywhere.

Saundra said...

Smells like rotten peanut butter? It is really funny. I felt, or smelled that way too when I was pregnant. I am not a sweet tooth kind but I smelled grape jam during my 9th to 12th week. I did smell it whenever I go. I did grind my teeth as well. A dentist in Edgewater told me to wear mouthpiece during sleep and it helped me prevent tooth damage and breakage. He was a good dentist. Edgewater Nj has lots of good dentists. He even gave me free consultation tips because his wife was an OB-GYN practitioner.

Your blog puts me in nostalgia. It is always happy memories that beckon in my head. Happy thoughts, the preggy days and all.