Saturday, April 10, 2010

Still in awe...

I think I am still processing all I have been through in the last few years.  I might be breathing a little easier these days; getting a little more comfortable in my pregnant skin.

Just this week I have had so many ups and down.  I am trying to adjust to all the hormones.  My sister-in-law, Mia, found out on Tuesday that she is pregnant.  We figured up that she is due around December 6.  I am so excited that I will have someone close to be pregnant with and that our babies will be so close in age.  It will be fun to have the little cousins so close :-)  {Honesty is part of this blog} so I did have a quick panic attack when I found out.  I immediately started getting so nervous that I was going to miscarry and then I would have to work with Mia and then I would have all the holidays with the Browns and we would be ogling over a newborn baby and I would just have to deal with my two miscarriages and the reality of having no baby.  It took the evening to just calm myself down and not compare myself with anyone else and not play the "What If" game.

To jump back a day, Monday, April 5th was my original due date.  The ONLY thing that kept me sane was me being pregnant now.  Not only was Monday, April 5th my original due date BUT on April 5th one of my oldest and  dearest friends lost their daddy.  We have been praying for Jill's dad because he was recently diagnosed with cancer.  They were so close and it just ripped my heart out for Jill that he died so suddenly. 

Wednesday was bittersweet because I officially hit nine weeks.  Bitter because that was the "week" I was last pregnancy when I miscarried and sweet because it looks like the baby  is doing really good this time.

Anyway, I still feel very pregnant.  Wednesday I was pretty sick.  My main symptom has been fatigue.  I am trying to learn my eating patterns.  I think that is key!!!  Week 10 is this week.  I am so excited to be in double digit week numbers!!!

I got a comment from a new friend on here.  Her name is Elise.  Elise, send me your info - I would love to follow your blog.  I tried to look at your profile but it wouldn't give me any contact info!!!  :-)

I have some prayer requests for this coming up week...

1.  "A" finds out on Monday if her sixth round of IVF worked.  Please pray that one, two or even three of the embryos transferred implanted!  This is her SIXTH round.  She needs to have a positive here.  PLEASE PLEASE pray!

2. "S" finds out on Monday if her FET worked.  She was able to have two embryos thaw and look great for transfer!  PLEASE pray her infertility journey ends too.

3. "K" starts her first round of fertility drugs tomorrow.  She is nervous and let's pray her fertility journey is a SHORT one!

4. My friend, Jill.  She is really struggling with the loss of her dad.  Please pray for peace and comfort!

That's all for now.  I had my Walk MS Little Rock event today.  WHAT A GREAT DAY!  We raised $75,000 and counting!  I used sunscreen (I am as fair as fair can be) and I STILL got FRIED!  :-)

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Kristie Young said...

So happy for you Lisa! So when will you find out if ur having a boy or girl? I know you and Matt must be so excited. No weird side effects thus far for me. Jeremy is so excited. My prayer right now is just to ovulate :D! Anyways thanks for being such an awesome friend I will keep these prayer request close to my heart this week. I know the Lord is truly going to bless you as you have blessed so many other people. :)