Sunday, April 25, 2010

So much loss...

My heart is breaking right now for the Mooney family.  They are old family friends and we are distantly kin (everyone in Glen Rose is distantly kin if you have been there for 50+ years).  

Bradley died suddenly last night of a heart attack.  Out of blue and random...and so very tragic.  His wife, Jennifer, has been such an encouragement to me during IVF.  She went through IVF and was able to have two beautiful kiddos, Nate (11) and Allie (8). He was the middle son son of Bobby Jo & Sue and the brother of older sister, Bobbie Sue, & baby sister, Kristal (one of my good friends). 

The family is in shock and is so devastated.  They need much prayer.  Bradley was only 40 years old and such a stand up GREAT guy.  Please pray for them.  They have a long hard week ahead of visitations and a memorial service...and then the horrible journey will continue.  Please please pray for them.

Not only did we hear of the loss of Bradley, there were two miscarriages this week.  My friend "C" and my SIL "M".  I am so sad and heartbroken for both of them.

This week has been full of heartbreaking losses. 


Just Jiff said...

:( Sorry for all the losses.

Bobbie Sue said...

Thanks, Lisa, for the comment about Brad. We are incredibly sad and brokenhearted. It just isn't right. It's not fair. BUT God knows what HE is doing and I will trust that He will take care of everything and give us peace.

Bobbie Sue