Friday, April 23, 2010


It's Friday.  Tomorrow marks my last two Walk MS events for the 2010 season.  I can't believe they are almost over with already.  We have done really really well this year and we are hoping to hit $180,000 for the entire state of Arkansas.  Kudos to all the participants and teams!

My job is so rewarding.  I love it.  It is demanding though especially during our event seasons.  As a normal person, I DRAG during event season.  I am constantly on the go!  Boy, event season + first trimester is brutal.  I am dragging butt on Saturday afternoons on my way home from wherever the walk is held in Arkansas.  Anyway, I think it is a little ironic because my last walks are tomorrow and then next Wednesday I am technically out of my first trimester...bring on the energy (hopefully).  I needed the energy for my walk season...not after!!!  :-)

My mom works with a sweet teacher.  She just had a baby and was going to sell her maternity clothes...thank goodness mom asked if we could look at them first and buy what we thought would work.  I tried them on last night and I ended up with 11 pair of pants and 28 shirts.  That will get me started!!!  Thank you, CB!!!

When I was leaving mom's last night I had to go over on the other side of the car and try to throw up.  Yesterday and today have been really brutal.  My Zophran has really not done the trick.  It lasts for about 45 minutes and then the nausea hits again.  Anyway, I was trying to throw up and mom's rambunctious 100 lb puppy thought it was time to play and he kept getting right in the throw up path!  I was getting tickled at him all the while gagging.  Nice visual for you.

TMI section:  I am going to be ready for birth.  I am going to be ready to push and push and push and push.  You know why?  Well, I am getting SOOOO much practice with this blasted constipation!  Dr. S and my friend, C, gave me the advice to use Milk of Magnesia.  And, Dr. S said if that doesn't work then I can try something like MagCal or CalMag.  He said that they tell people to use that when they "clean" you out for surgery.  :-)  So, I am going to be ready for the pushing part.  I swear I will lose 15 lbs after everything is "out".  Geez.  I have been wanting to take belly pictures but my belly is so distended!  I look like I am 5 or 6 months pregnant and I really am not even showing at all!  So the picture would not be accurate. 

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Crystal said...

I took 2 Colace *generic* every single day--- it does help
Benefiber in the beginning- EVERY day and then Miralax...
my dr told me too :-)