Friday, April 02, 2010

Cloud 99

I was on cloud 99 yesterday.  All day.  All I could hear was the strong swooshing sound of the baby's heart beat.  It is just so amazing.

When I finally got back into the exam room yesterday I laid back on the table to relax.  {Usually I am sitting up and fidgeting}.  I was nervous and scared to death but I was trying relax and enjoy some quiet time and get focused {how many and's can I put in one sentence? English police (mom) will have something to say about this post}.  ha.

I waited for a good 30 minutes (on top of 1.5 hours in the waiting room).  I truly don't mind the wait.  I understand how busy they are and I understand the hierarchy of calling patients back.  But, I still was very anxious to get my ultrasound started because I needed to know how the little one was doing.  I looked at the ultrasound "wand" {my very intimate friend}and thought, CRAP!, I could do this right now by myself!  lol...I was very tempted.

Dr. Miller came in and asked how I was doing and I told him I was nervous.  As soon as he put the wand in he said, "wow, the baby has grown a lot!".  We immediately saw the baby and the strong fluttering of it's heart.  JUST AMAZING!  The baby is starting to take shape.  You can't make out body parts yet but you can see where the head is forming and where the back is rounding out to the little bottom.  Miller was measuring the baby and it was measuring a day ahead 8 weeks 2 days!  What a relief!  He split the ultrasound screen and was measuring something {I was fixed on the fluttering heartbeat and was just so full of emotion}.  Dr. Miller said, "Well, after I finish measuring the twin...I'll check the heartbeat".  It snapped me back...HUH?  I knew there was only one but that had make take a double take!  He laughed and said, "April Fools!  I had to do it to someone!".  It was funny!

The heart rate was perfect.  178 bpm.  It was so strong.  Miller said all looked great and he doesn't foresee anything going wrong.  He said I am now released and I needed to call my regular OB/GYN.  I told him that that made me sad {weird, I know} but that they all had become like family.

I had my progesterone levels taken and while sitting in the chair, Dr. Batres came over and said he wanted to get to me today but had been so busy.  I wish he could have done my very last ultrasound there.  He gave me a hug and then I thanked Heather, Eunice, Miller and Batres and then I got to see Debby on the way out.  I was so proud of my pictures that I showed 

They had all said I had graduated.  I signed a release to turn over all my records to my regular OB.  Bittersweet.

I tried to April Fool's Matt about us having twins because Miller "missed one" last time, but Matt was having none of it.  He didn't even know it was April 1st...he just kept saying, "you're lying".  lol. 

Anyway, I am on Cloud 99.  I feel a release like this is really going to happen.  I feel so very honored and humbled that God has allowed this amazing thing to happen to us.  I feel like my life has this huge amazing purpose now.  At this very moment I am doing one of the most important things that I will ever do in my lifetime.

Thank you, Lord, for this huge blessing.  Thank you for honoring the prayers of the people who read this blog, and thank you for honoring the desires of my heart.  You will continue to get the glory...every day of this pregnancy and this baby's life is dedicated right back to You.

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Lisa swayze said...

Okay, my early guess is a girl...based on the heart rate. Both my girls had really fast heart rates 160 and above. But both my boys were lower. So there ya go. ITS A GIRL! lol