Sunday, March 28, 2010


My symptoms have been limited to two major ones:  peeing and constipation.  Nice.  Number one that comes out ALL the time and number two that doesn't come out at all!  Get it #1 and #2?  Ugh.  Not funny.

I am averaging at least four pee breaks in the middle of the night.  Feels like I am trying to pee my uterus out.  The second big symptom is miserable.  I have never been a "regular" person, but wow, this is bad.  Since last Thursday I have taken nine softeners and have drunk three ClearLax doses...nothing comes out expect enough to make me mad.  I have drunk chocolate milk; I have eaten apples; I have eaten salsa; I have eaten ice cream; I have drunk apple juice.  Guess I will be calling the clinic tomorrow to see what can be done.  Sigh.  It has been pretty miserable.

I am thankful though...ha.  I cannot wait until Thursday and we see the little one again.  I need a great ultrasound and a great heart rate again. This week is crucial.  We didn't make it past nine weeks last time.  They think the baby died at around seven weeks (and that was after a heartbeat was found).  I need this to be a good one.  Also, our first little one would have been born in the next week.  April 5th was it's due date.  April 5th.  Just a week away.  I could be getting ready to have a baby any day.  The only thing that makes it easier is to be pregnant now.  Thank you, Lord, for this second little one.  Deuce.  Guess I will call it Deuce :-)

Lord, please help my nerves this week.  Lord, please continue to let this little one grow and develop!! 


Liz said...

Hey girl! The pediatrician tells us to give the boys apples and apple juice if they have diarrhea, to harden it up. For constipation, we're supposed to go grapes, raisins, prunes, etc. Hope that helps! Sorry you're miserable. I don't miss the hourly pee trips.

Susan Cofer Fell said...

Drink microwaved prune juice. Sounds gross, but it's really not and it's almost immediate results. You're in my prayers this week and always! Love you!

Seth, Jen, Hannah, and Cailyn said...

When I was in the hospital after my c-sec, I had horrible constipation. They had me drink a warm prune-apple juice cocktail.

You might also try some BebeFiber mixed into some WARM apple juice.

Anonymous said...

Hey if you are still taking the Zofran, that is the culprit. Plus the extra iron in your PNV. I tried all those things also. The only thing that made it go away was delivery. Sorry!

Just Jiff said...

Bayley was always constipated as a newborn, so I tried all sorts of concoctions on her. Poor kid. Pear and apple juice worked on her. Funny that Liz said apple juice hardens stuff up. :)

I had the opposite problem when pregnant, so I feel for you.

Tracy said...

Two words: PLUM SMART. I had terrible constipation with each of my pregnancies and my midwife had me start drinking a glass of Plum Smart Light each morning and now I am as right as the mail!! I had my glass this morning and I am not even pregnant anymore. Pregnancy is constipating anyway, but the progesterone you are on makes it much worse. You can get it in the juice section at the store next to the Prune juice (ick!). It tastes a lot like grape juice, but has the same effect as prune juice. Bless your heart! I hope to read a post soon singing the praises of Plum Smart!! HAHAHA