Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sore boobs & throats!

I am up on a Saturday morning too early. I started getting a sore throat last night. I HATE sore throats. I popped some Tylenol through the night and it helped a little. My throat always starts to close at the top and it just kills to swallow. UGH, did I say I hate sore throats?

Other than that I am doing great. My "very early symptoms" are still peeing every 2-3 hours (even at night) and being tired. I think Matt and I went to bed at 8 pm most of the week!!! I can't keep my eyes open past 7:55!!!! My boobs are still sore and big. ha.

I did call Lauren at AFG on Thursday and she gave me a lot of peace of mind about the cramping. She said it was normal and that my uterus was expanding and getting ready. I also want to thank everyone for posting your comments about how you cramped during your TOTALLY made me sigh with relief. Some of my cramps have been worse than my monthly cramps and it is pretty darn scary!

I do feel my uterus. Some of you may think I am crazy. Here I am sitting at 5 weeks and 3 days and I feel my uterus? Look, you have to remember, I have seen my uterus and ovaries for the last five years probably more times than all of us can count. I know what feels normal and what doesn't and I can tell you my uterus is "feeling" something. I am in tune with it, friends! It feels heavy and sore.

I have less than a week before I find out how many. I still can't get my head around "how many". Call me crazy, but I would love to have twins. If I had the opportunity to easily get pregnant again, I wouldn't be so adamant for more than one. I have always wanted more than one child...but I will take what I can get. I would be happy with one, two or three.

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