Monday, March 08, 2010

How we told mom...

This story is cute and I have Sherri Hollingsworth to thank! Sherri is my mom's principal. My mom teaches fourth grade...and has since the 1988. She loves teaching...and she is DARN good at it. If I do say so myself!

Anyway, the night before I found out that we were pregnant, I had a quick thought to see if Mrs. Hollingsworth would help tell mom. And, she ran with it!!!

So, I got the call from AFG from the awesome Lauren, Tracy, Stephanie & Mahlon (still giving them props...Lauren told me on the phone that day that they just found out I had a blog and they hadn't been mentioned...I think they even had my blog pulled up when they told the major props to them that day and today...I obviously have some making up to do!).

Anyway, I immediately called Sherri and she had a plan. She loves stuffed animals and her office is filled with beanie babies and stuffed animals. She said she was going to gather some of mom's teacher friends and they were going to sing "Rock-a-bye Baby" while Sherri was rocking a big ol' Donald Duck stuffed animal.

They said the look on mom's face was priceless. She couldn't figure out what was going on. We weren't supposed to find out until four hours later...and mom just looked at Sherri and said, "Have you talked to Lisa????".

Anyway, mom called me on Susan Daniel's phone (she was my 4th grade teacher) and, well, yeah, there wasn't much of a conversation...just bawling and hyperventilating (Mom not me). LOL.

Anyway, THANK YOU, SHERRI and teacher friends!!! Mom loves you so much, and go ahead and just forgive her for incessantly talking about me and the baby(ies)...I apologize in advance. :-)


Cindy Russell said...

Lisa & Matt --

We are thrilled beyond words at your news! Please know that Keith, Chris, Beth and I are praying daily for you both - and your little one(s)!


Just Jiff said...

That is precious! I know your mom was so thrilled. :)