Monday, March 15, 2010

Four days...

My ultrasound is Friday at 9 am. I am getting so excited. Or, at least trying to. My left side of my head is totally stopped up. I can't hear out of my left ear. I just blew my nose and my right ear started screaming...seriously, it sounded like I had blown up a balloon and was letting the air out very slowly by pinching the end and letting the air scream out. Ouch!

So, I talked to a friend of mine today that I met through my infertility journey. "K" is states away from me and we got pregnant at the same time back at the end of July/beginning of August. Her ultrasound showed THREE. Yes, "K" was pregnant with triplets. In January she had three beautiful babies (2 boys and a girl). They were very early but they are home now and seem to be doing great. Anyway, "K" emailed me today and is just catching up with my news. (Obviously, she has TRIPS at home...who has time to read blogs or facebook???). Anyway, she told me that her numbers were around what mine are. Yes...her first qhcg was 322...mine was 360! YIKES! Her second qhcg was 1004...mine was 957! WOW!

A million emotions and thoughts are running through my head...multiples? Will they be healthy? Will I be able to carry all two or three? Will I be on bedrest? Will I be able to work? Can we afford it? How in the world will we take care of three babies? What in the world will Matt and I do??

I know, I signed up for this. I will be thrilled and happy with what God gives me. If it is one...I will LOVE that one like nobody's business. If it is more than one...I just know God will give us the energy, finances and direction to raise these little ones. Each one is ordained to be here.

However, you shouldn't put all your stock in the numbers. Yes, the numbers are good, but the deciding factor is the ultrasound. That is the key. And, in FOUR days, we will know.


Just Jiff said...

I'm so excited!! You're totally right: God will make it happen so that you can take care of all the babies. I will be happy to bring you diapers, wipes, baby food, babysitting services, etc. whatever you need! :)

Molly and Kevin Strom said...

I have a friend that had 4 healthy babies all at the same time 3 girls and 1 boy and they are just perfect today and are in Middle School. Isn't God Great he knows exactly what you need 1, 2, or 3 He already has it planned out! I can't wait to hear. ...I am so excited for you! You are blessed, doublely blessed or maybe triplely blessed.