Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Five Weeks Today!

I cannot believe that I am pregnant. I have felt so normal (besides peeing every 2 hours a night). I have to remind myself that I AM indeed pregnant!

I have a week and a half before I find out how many we are having. Wow, how "many" lol.

My IM progesterone shots continue. I am developing a reaction to the "oil" part of the med. I get itchy red whelps along the injection site. If it gets too bad I will call and see if they can change me to the inserts.

I have been experiencing some cramping of sorts. I pray that it is my uterus expanding and getting used to the new life inside. If it continues today, I may call. Heck, I may call just to say HI!

The baby/babies is/are about the size of a sesame seed! This week it's heart and circulatory system will begin to form. THE HEART WILL BEGIN TO BEAT! I cannot wait to hear it/them!!! Wow! Them!

I am trying to remind myself that just because not much is happening with me outwardly with the pregnancy doesn't mean nothing is going on on the inside. I have to believe that my numbers are still growing and everything looks good. I am NOT going to fall to fear.

Here are a few things going on with me symptom-wise:
1. Sore/big boobs (this has been happening a few days before we found out)
2. Excessive thirst (this also has been happening before we found out)
3. Clear liquidy discharge (feels like I have started but it is clear...this started right when I found out)
4. Cramping/uncomfortableness in the uterus.
5. Peeing - A LOT (this has just surfaced in the last few days - I get up 3-4 times a night)

No real nausea yet :-) Yay. I hear it is coming though.

God is just so good and I am still so humbled that He is allowing me to carry this baby/babies. Thank you, Jesus, for this enormous blessing!!! You made it happen and You alone get the glory!!!


Liz said...

I had scary cramping as well, and it was the uterus stretching. Since you're having three babies (heehee!) or probably at least two, then you're gonna stretch pretty hard, pretty fast. I am on pins and needles to hear the number!

Just Jiff said...

I, too, had the cramping. I called my doctor because it scared me and she said it was just everything stretching out.

I can't wait to find out how many you're having!

Anonymous said...

I had the cramping, too! Hang in there, girlfriend!! ;-)

Sending hugs!
Jennifer M.

Glass Case of Emotion said...

Glad to hear you are able to stay so positive! I don't know I would quite be able to do it, but it's nice to have hope out there, and I do admire you for it!

Karla said...

I too had cramping, with both pregnancies; it's still scary even though it's normal.

Jim said...

I think you are "cramping" early because you body is preparing for triplets. lol I am very happy for you.
Can I come babysit??

Christa said...

I am on kid #3 all normal! And more to come, YEA!!! Only abnormal if you bleed so all good girl! Love you and I am so happy for yall! Have an awesome week and can't wait until the next!!

Anonymous said...

Discharge is from building your mucus plug! Normal!

nicole said...

LISA!! just so ya know, i am glued to your blog for updates on the browns. These "conway browns" ( no-relation :P ) are beyond happy for you guys and can't wait for more and more wonderful news as time passes.


Karen said...

I had all of those symptoms except for the peeing. I didn't start peeing and feeling tired until my
2nd trimester . . which is unusual (usually only in 1st trimester).

BUT, I do remember the cramping and constant "wetness" that made me constantly check to see if I had started to bleed.

All is NORMAL!

I'm so excited and can't wait until your ultrasound!