Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Feeling OK...

I feel pretty good.  I had some sickness last week and a little off and on the last few days BUT I think that has a lot do with the mucus that I cannot get to move from my throat.  I have tried every sinus product Tylenol makes and Benadryl and NOTHING works.  I try to swallow, but I gag and then it makes me sick at my stomach...so I don't know if it has been morning sickness or just a combination. 

Anyway, I called Debby today and asked her about it and she told me I could take plain Mucinex soooo we will see if that works...so far ONE pill hasn't cleared it.  I don't want to double up on meds or take too much medication even if it is deemed safe...but I am miserable with this mucus plug in the back of my throat that WON'T move!

The only other thing going on is me trying to regulate my meals.  I must eat every three to four hours or I start feeling weak and fainty.  STRANGE.  I know I don't eat healthy so I have to figure out what I like (which isn't much).  Nothing sounds good and I haven't had any cravings yet...I wish something sounded good.  I just feel weird when I don't eat every few hours...I bought some peanut butter granola bars and left them at the office so maybe I can snack on those between meals.  Anyway, I gotta figure it out. I WISH and PRAY my cravings will be for vegetables...because I hate hate veggies.  :-(

I am so excited!  My old friend, Schelly, is sending me her doppler heartbeat monitor!  She offered it as a gift!  Thank you, Schelly!  I am ready to be able to use it!  I know it will be a few weeks but you will give me TONS of peace of mind!

Anyway, tomorrow I am SEVEN weeks.  YAY!!

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Just Jiff said...

I so wanted one of those Doppler things when I was pregnant, so YAY that you get one!!!

My first trimester I wanted nothing to eat either. And the sinus drainage probably makes it worse, too.

Just eat whatever you can stomach.

And after 7-10 days of feeling like crap, go see your doc for some antibiotics.

Get better soon!