Thursday, March 04, 2010

Another qHCG tomorrow...

I have another qhcg tomorrow. We want the numbers to double from 360. :-) I cannot believe my first hcg was 360. ha!

I am still in shock and awe. I am so humbled and so honored that God is giving me this second chance. I have more peace this time than last time. Last time I had a good first qhcg and then it just went down hill for the next five weeks. I need a good number tomorrow. Please, Lord, let this be a smooth first trimester! Please, Lord.

I got to meet my new friend on my business trip today. We met randomly online and instantly became friends. She is from another part of the state and actually just started going to AFG. We were there the same day as my embryo transfer. She was there having an IUI. We missed seeing each other and we were there for 2 hours! HA! But, we got to meet today and it was GREAT. Thanks "C" for being such a good friend.

Unfortunately a few fears can creep up, I am a little afraid about my qhcg tomorrow. We had a great first number last was the second qhcg that caused our downhill slide. Please pray with me tomorrow that we have a GREAT second qhcg!

Thank you for being so excited for us and sending me all the sweet comments. And, thank you for praying...please continue. I want a happy healthy pregnancy and a happy healthy baby. I would be thrilled with one....thrilled with two...thrilled/terrified with three. :-) But, God knows what he is doing.

When I told Matt he said, "I don't think I signed the form that gave my consent to transfer more than one". WHATEVER, he so did. He is a little freaked out with the thought of more than one, but I told him this, "Matt, what if it is twins...they could be boys...a quarterback and a wide awesome would that be?" Ha! It definitely made him think twice!

I will tell later how we told was priceless!


Anonymous said...


That is funny that Matt is freaking out. When my husband and I did IVF they transferred 4 embryos at one time and I thought my husband was going to pass out when they did our first ultrasound. He was literally as white as a sheet! We only had one healthy baby, but boy was it exciting to think there might be more than one. I am so happy for you two and know how much this means to you. Congratulations!

Ravingly Lucid said...

Anxiously waiting for an update.....