Sunday, February 14, 2010

Update from Sunday 2-14-2010

Dr. Miller just called with my results from my bloodwork. He said that everything is still lining up like it should. My estrogen and my follicles are increasing and growing at the same rate...which is good. Just too bad I don't have more to grow...

I go back in tomorrow at 8 am for another ultrasound and bloodwork. I continue my shots at least for today. Tomorrow's ultrasound will show if they are ready. If they are then I will take my Ovidril shot (triggers ovulation) tomorrow evening sometime with a Wednesday retrieval. If I need one more day of shots, then I will take the Ovidril shot on Tuesday evening with a Thursday retrieval.

We are getting closer. Closure (good or bad) is coming...and I, for one, am ready.

I meant to say that all three of the good size follicles are in my right ovary. My left side looks very sad. I saw two follicles if they could be classified as such. They were very small. When they put the ultrasound wand in and move it all around to get the best view...well, it isn't very comfortable..especially when your ovaries are being overstimulated. Ouch. I equate it to having a really bad sore throat...and every time you swallow it feels like you have bruises all down your throat. And, then after the u/s you are pretty sore. You feel your ovaries every time you move.

Saturdays and Sundays at the clinic are usually not very packed (or when I have been there). They are reserved for very time sensitive patients who either need u/s for IUIs and IVFs or they are going in for their IUI or IVF procedures. There were about five couples when I walked in this morning. When I left the whole waiting room was FULL...probably 10 couples in there. I asked the staff and they said they were all IUIs. If there were 10 couples in the waiting room...statistically speaking...2 of those 10 will have a baby out of today's procedures. Happy Valentine's Day to them.

It is still so staggering to see so many people on a Sunday morning in a fertility clinic. Infertility is so wide just don't hear it talked about. I am sure if Celine Deon and I had a chance to sit down and chat about life...we would bond over our infertility struggles. We infertile folks have a bond...not one that we wished we had...but we do.

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