Monday, February 22, 2010

This is it...

I hadn't heard from the clinic since Saturday regarding our last two embryos...well, I called today and, unfortunately, they didn't survive. I am so bummed and sad. Makes me just flat sad.

So, reality hit and it seems that I am putting all my "eggs" in this "basket"/uterus. I don't have a choice, we are in this all or nothing now. I cannot believe that after March 4th we will be DONE...flat done. These little babies in me now are our last hope. Reality is cold and harsh.

So, we have had nine embryos fertilized, five didn't...and we are waiting on the other three. Please stand together with us during this time. I want what God wants for me...however, I want these babies something fierce.

Mom drove all the way up early this morning before school to give me my shot. She does so good! I say it is "Momma's touch". Go Nurse Debbie!

I have felt a little weird tonight. My boobs are getting a little firmer, a little sore, and I have felt a little sickish. However, the hormones I am on will do all of those three things. So, I am not reading into it or anything.

Tomorrow I am back at work. It is going to be busy!!


Just Jiff said...

I'm praying that the sickness, sore boobs, etc. are all from pregnancy and not just the hormones. :)


Karen said...

This is NOT your last hope . . I promise you! With God, all things are possible . . HOWEVER, I remember feeling EXACTLY the same way you are right now. Nevertheless, I have a good feeling about these three little ones . . I'm so excited to see what God has in store for you two!

Glass Case of Emotion said...

Sending you & your embies as many + vibes as I can! Also, I gave you a little award on my blog.