Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shots are the only things happening...

Shots and estrogen patches. I still need to take a picture of the needle and the thick progesterone and oil medicine that goes in it!

Today has been a downer. I have been tired and anxious and confused and headachey and you name it. I am a little on the witchy side too. Poor Matt. It has been one of those days that I want to crawl under the covers and not come out until June.

Work has been busy. I didn't get near enough done today that I needed to...which that happens a lot. I could stay at work 24 hours a day and still have stuff to do. I do love my that makes it easier, but when you have a "bad" personal day and you don't accomplish what you need to get done cause you run out of time...sigh...just makes your day worse.

I can't believe it has been a week since retrieval. That means, (if I am pregnant) I am officially ONE week pregnant (since the embryos were considered conceived last Wednesday)...Well, ONE week pregnant in the infertile regular fertile myrtle world I would be THREE weeks pregnant. (Remember, not everybody knows when they conceive so they go by the first day of the last period...I practically know the TIME ours conceived). ha.

Anyway, nothing new. A BIG shout out to Carla Kinder for helping me with my IM shot yesterday. She did great and was a LIFESAVER. I would do the shots myself, I think at this point I could do the big shot, however, I cannot physically turn around and jab the big needle in my hip without probably really hurting myself. So....I rely on some GREAT friends! Pam Weaver! Carla Kinder! and Shanita Seow (she was going to drive up from Malvern and do it for me yesterday!). Thanks everyone for being so kind!

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Just Jiff said...

Yay for the sweet people doing the shots. I remember Carla and vaguely remember Shanita.

I started my period yesterday so we aren't pregnant - again. I think God wants me to wait for a little longer while we settle some financial issues.

I'm crossing my fingers and toes, praying, and sending positive vibes your way.