Thursday, February 18, 2010

Retrieval and Update...

(fyi, i didn't spell check or grammar check...I will in a bit...but wanted to get this up)

As you know, we had retrieval yesterday. It was pretty uneventful. The nurses were awesome as usual, I laughed so hard all morning. I was the only retrieval yesterday and I think they had one it was pretty quiet back there.

I woke up and they told me that they were able to get ten follicles. Now, remember getting 10 follicles doesn't mean that all ten of those are mature enough and ready for fertilization, but we had 10 to start with (comparison with last time...we had 11).

I went home and slept most of the day and night...up for about an hour...I was out of it, especially after a Darvocet and Phenegrin shot.

I have done rather well so far. I met Pam at Baptist and she gave me my massive IM progesterone was FINE! THANK YOU, Pam!

At 10:02 a.m. the clinic called and it was Stephanie. She said that Five of the 10 were good enough to try to fertilize...and ALL FIVE fertilized! ALL FIVE! I am so excited and so relieved! We have FIVE to work with! We won't know grades until tomorrow morning...and we will also find out when transfer will be (either Saturday or 3 or day 5 post retrieval).

Please pray for all EXCELLENT grades. I will know more tomorrow morning. But, for now, I can relax and know that we are over one a few more to go...but that major hurdle is out of the way! YAY!

Thank you Lord!


Kristie Young said...

I am so glad to hear about the 5 we will cont. To pray for great grades. U are constantly in my prayers :)

Glass Case of Emotion said...

So glad to hear you are over the one hurdle. I too dread hearing how many of my eggs will be viable this next cycle, so I can relate. But it sounds like you are doing a good job taking this one day at a time. Best wishes to you and those little embies out there in a petri dish....
- Jess

Just Jiff said...

YAY!!!! Sending more positive vibes your way!