Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quick Update

I don't have much time, but I wanted to post real quick.

Things aren't looking too great right now, in my opinion. Dr. Moutos found about six follicles worth measuring and they were measuring a little behind at that! I guess my left ovary is about dead...I only have one in there. Sigh.

We are probably going to have to extend my stim shots for a few days to try to motivate my follicles to grow more. Statistically speaking...with the +/- six we have now (+ or - meaning we could have more or less in the end)...but only 60% of those six will be mature enough or good enough to attempt to that leaves us with 3.6 follicles that will be worth even TRYING to fertilize...and only 60% of those 3.6 follicles will we are looking at 2.16 potential embryos. Yeah, I liked stats in college.

I know all we need is one, but it looks like we wasted $1000 by getting a financial package...cause it doesn't look like we will have any to freeze.

They played the "age" card again. "How old are you?" 34. "Oh, well, we normally increase dosages when you get close to 35". Thanks for the reminder.

So, I am now waiting on the my bloodwork results. At that time they will tell me if I need to increase my meds and tell me when my next appointment will be. Looks like it will be Sunday. So, retrieval will be sometime mid-week. I'll post more when I get the bloodwork results.