Monday, February 15, 2010

It's on like Donkey Kong...

LOL. I had my appointment this morning at 8 am. I had my alarm set for 6:15...and I needed to leave by 7 -7:15ish so I could beat traffic into Little Rock. My alarm went off and I totally "dismissed" it! AH! I woke up at 6:52. PANIC!

I got up, jumped in the shower and was heading out at 7:15 am...not too bad. I did everything but put make up on...I even gave myself my 26th shot!

I have seen Dr. Moutos this whole time with the exception of Dr. Miller yesterday. When doing bloodwork today, we had to switch arms because we have drawn so much blood out of my right arm. My ovaries are EXTREMELY sore and tender. The ultrasound wand is pretty brutal on them. Right now they are just aching. My right side is getting pretty full of follicles...or GROWING follicles. I think my biggest follicle is 23 mm. I had several that were 13 mm (they need to be bigger...but maybe they will be tomorrow).

We are still looking at 5 to 6 follicles of good size. There maybe more to remove but they aren't really big enough to count. Please pray that every follicle drawn is of good size and is ready to be fertilized and DOES get fertilized!

I am waiting on my bloodwork results and then they will give me a time to give myself the trigger shot. I will have to give it at an EXACT time tonight...last time it was 11 pm. Then in exactly 36 hours after my trigger shot we will go in for retrieval. It will probably be sometime Wednesday morning.

It's on like Donkey Kong. All or nothing at this point!


Glass Case of Emotion said...

Hi Lisa- I have been popping in and reading your blog. I am about a week behind you on my 2nd IVF cycle and it sounds like we've been through some similar things with stupid IVF. Anyways, just wanted to let you know I am rooting you (and those precious follies) on!- Jess

Kristie Young said...

Awesome :) I am so happy for u and continuing to pray!!!