Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bedrest time...

Everything went smooth this morning. I am is an emotional process and it just hit me that this was it...this was the end of our road with fertility treatments...all or nothing.

We had three awesome looking embryos. Making it to "8" cells is ideal for transfer...

1 - 8 cell excellent
1 - 8 cell good
1 - 6 cell good

They transferred or "put back" those three. I asked about the chances of triplets and Debby said they have about one set of triplets a chances are we will get one. I will be fine with one, two or three!

Our other two aren't fairing as well. They are 5 cell and a 3 cell...I believe they are graded fair or poor. They are letting those two "cook" a little longer to see if they can get strong enough to freeze. I don't know if they will make it to the freezing we may not have any for another transfer. Makes me sad, but gives us some closure too.

I will let everyone know on March 4th if we are pregnant or not. It is going to be a long two weeks...however...those two weeks will be a section of time that being oblivious to the "outcome" is good. In those two weeks I can be as hopeful as I can because I know that I haven't got a no yet. Weird thinking, I know, but it keeps me sane.

So, I am now officially on bed rest. I am piled up in the bed and about to turn the computer off and go to sleep. It will be a boring couple weeks for my blog readers...sorry.

By the way, I started my estrogen patches today...Debby gave me my 3rd progesterone shot. Those are just absolutely brutal. I decided not to take pictures...I was too nervous to keep up with it.

Anyway, going to get some rest. Thank you all so much for your don't know how much it has meant to me...


Karen said...

So glad things went well . . sounds like you have 3 great babies nestling in with you for the next 2 weeks . . and hopefully longer! Try to enjoy your bedrest . . it was never as much fun for me as I thought it would be and I am super lazy. Being told you must lay around and do nothing is not as much fun as doing it when you aren't supposed to - ha!

Kristie Young said...

Hope ur bedrest is going great. Try to enjoy it just think hopefully those babies r growing and going to thrive within u so this is prob the last time ull get to just lay around and not be called lazy ;) can't wait to hear the results in two weeks. Still praying for u and the little ones.