Thursday, February 11, 2010

#2 update for Thursday

Lauren called back about my bloodwork. Thank goodness, my estrogen levels matched the growth of my follicles.

**btw, I have had to explain follicles to some definition of a follicle is a little bubble that has the egg inside. That is why the follicle count and egg count aren't usually the same after egg retrieval. Just because there is a follicle doesn't mean there is a mature egg inside. For example, for whatever reason, I had 11 follicles last time but only six of those follicles contained eggs mature enough to try to fertilize. Make sense?

OK. So, my estrogen was 281. They said it matched my follicle growth...which is good. It still maybe a little on the slow side, but it still matches the growth. If my estrogen level was really high and my follicles were the size they are now, then we would have had to scrap this whole cycle because my follicles were not responding to the meds.

I do not have to up any meds either...thank goodness. I have enough medicine to last me until Tuesday. I go in on Sunday at 8:30 am to have another ultrasound and bloodwork. We will see how I look then and go from there. If I am progressing nicely then I go back on Monday for another u/s and b/w and then probably take my ovulation trigger shot Monday evening for a Wednesday egg retrieval. I don't really know maybe later.

It just really makes me nervous, scared and sad. This is it. Especially with my low number of follicles. Statistically I will only get about 2 embryos in this cycle and they will definitely transfer both of those. So, I will be finished with Arkansas Fertility after this round. That makes me so sad. They have become my family. They don't feel that way...but I sure do. They have made some incredible dreams come true. I got to carry a sweet little baby for 9 weeks...all because of them.

I resumed shots this evening...three a day. I raised my shirt to give my shot and I am already showing bruising. :-( It's all good though.

Sweet Dr. B came by while I was giving blood and he asked me how I was coming along. I have NO IDEA how he keeps everyone straight but I haven't seen him since November and he knows my schedule. He asked me when retrieval would be and told me to try to do it before Friday of next week so he can do it :-) He will be leaving Friday of next week to go take care of his grandkids in Colorado. I would LOVE for Dr. B to do all of it...retrieval and transfer...but looks like I may only get him for retrieval.

I have a few days for my follicles to grow so if you can, please pray for...

1. The follicles to grow and for MORE follicles to catch up...
2. Every follicle retrieved there would be a mature and awesome egg in there

Thank you for your interest in our journey...your comments and your prayers have really gotten us through. We love you.

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I'm praying for you!