Friday, January 08, 2010

Yay for Friday!

I finally made it through my Friday. It's about time to hit the hay.

I called the clinic today and asked about my meds. Lauren said they were A-OK. :-) Whew. I took a picture of my pharmacy and I will upload later. My next appointment is Wednesday, January 13th. We will do labs and an ultrasound. I will start the Leuprolide shots on Saturday, January 16th. Two a day. The 13th is our 5th year wedding anniversary...the 13th was also the date of our egg retrieval in July...and the 16th was our embryo transfer. Yay for the 13th & 16th!

I will start the stim shots on Monday the 18th, and I will have egg retrieval sometime during the week of January 25th. I am getting excited about it. Ready to see all the follicles growing and getting bigger...we need a lot of follicles this time! Dr. Batres said that having between 5 - 10 follicles in each ovary is normal and good that way you have more to work with. I think 60% of the follicles retrieved have mature eggs that are good enough to try to fertilize. And, for some reason, I am thinking that only 60% of the eggs that make it to fertilization actually fertilize.

Last time we had 11 follicles retrieved...six contained eggs mature enough for fertilization and only four of those actually fertilized. We had two excellent and two good embryos (grading system). Pray for MORE MORE MORE and MATURE MATURE MATURE!

My friend, K, read the blog about my zits and picked me up some skin care samples at her salon in PA and mailed them to me. It is called Dermalogica. I used it tonight. She told me to do before and after pictures. I HATE pictures of myself...especially big zit ones. But, here goes. My chin is covered...this picture was taken after my first "round" of Demalogica. K told me that she uses it and swears by it...she said hers are usually dried up by the next morning. We SHALL see!

My head and face are actually that big compared to my shoulders. Just kidding. I do have a big head though. I had to look up towards the light to get a good picture to show the zits. It also helped to stretch my neck as high as I could so it would stretch my quadruple chin.

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