Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vaginal Ultrasounds and Roses...

What a combo for your five year anniversary...

I had a doctor's appointment this morning to finalize everything for my IVF cycle which was supposed to start on Saturday. Well, it's a no go this time. I have a very large cyst on my left ovary. It was the biggest one I have seen in me. After getting dressed, I walked out and overheard Dr. Miller say to a nurse, "yeah, it is a pretty big one"...pooey.

He put me back on birth control until February 3. They hope the birth control will shrink the cyst without them having to go in and aspirate it. Yuck. I don't want them to stick a needle up there and suck it all out! Ouch.

My labs came back good. My estrogen was low so that meant the estrogen was not feeding the cyst. So, she said it wouldn't rupture and the birth control should shrink it. Thank you, Jesus, because if any of you have had cysts rupture...well, oh my goodness, it is a horrible horrible ordeal...VERY painful. The most painful thing I have gone through so far in my life.

We are looking at the new time line of...
  • February 3 - check cyst
  • February 6 - possible shot date
  • Week of February 15 - possible egg retrieval
  • End of Feb - find out if it worked.
I didn't want to go into February because of my crazy busy work schedule in the spring. I am getting the plan that has three tries for three months. So, regardless of my work schedule I HAVE to keep doing the FET until I run out of embryos or I run out of times...and we are looking at the smack middle of April...the WORST month to do this.

Matt sent me roses today. A totally obscene bouquet of roses. They are really beautiful. I will have to post pictures later. I could barely fit them in my car.

Well, we are about to go get an early dinner to celebrate. Matt was like a giddy kid at Christmas about surprising me with the roses. He hardly ever gets to surprise me and he did today. He was happier about THAT than the roses.

Happy Five Years, Matt! I pray we have many many more...


Mindee said...

God has reason's and we have to stay on HIS time line. You are a bit of a worry wart, maybe this is all going down in the middle of your busy time at work to keep your mind off what is going on in your body and ON your work. It will all work out, just keep the faith!! xoxox

Anonymous said...


The same thing happened to me when I was getting ready to do IVF and they had to aspirate my cyst. Don't worry if they have to aspirate yours because they give you something for the pain and you can't even feel it. I got myself all worked up over it and it didn't hurt at all! I know how frustrating it is to get put on hold when you're ready to go so hang in there!