Saturday, January 23, 2010

Things I've learned from my dad...

My dad is a character. Anyone who knows him...well....knows he is a FLAT character. Matt has been asleep since like 7 pm and I have been cleaning and cooking and chilling and...thinking...I have been thinking of some of the things I have learned from my are a few:

  • When my kids ask me where I'm going? My answer will always be..."to see a man about a dog..."
  • A lot of memories revolved around bathroom time..."Fire in the Hole!" or "I am going to make a deposit" where just two phrases I heard quite a bit.
  • If I wanted my dad to do something for me...I would just say "I don't think you can do it, dad"...and he would just look at me and it would be done within the hour.
  • When something looks aesthetically bad...he will say "that looks like s*** on a white chicken". LOL, that is one of my favorite sayings of his.
  • Honesty. on the way back from deer camp one year, dad stopped by Wal-mart and picked up a blue plastic swimming pool for our German Shepherd, Sam. He paid for it inside and then picked it up outside (sort of like buying ice at a gas station). When he got home (45 minutes later) he unloaded the pool from the back of his truck and realized he accidentally picked up two. They had gotten stuck together and he didn't realize it. Instead of shrugging his shoulders and saying oops...he immediately loaded the $3 swimming pool back in his truck and drove the 45 minutes BACK to Arkadelphia to make it right.
  • To be spunky. He is a male chauvinist...seriously he is...BUT, he LOVES a spunky woman. I have learned to deal with chauvinistic men because of my dad. :-)
  • He can do ANYTHING. Men like that are few and far between these days. He can build houses, furniture, rebuild a car, fix ANYTHING. He also is THE most level headed person I know when it comes to decisions (besides my mom). If I ask his opinion on something...well, I can just take it to the bank because he is 100% always right. Mom is probably rolling her eyes saying...yeah yeah, your daddy can do no wrong in your eyes and you didn't see behind the scenes. FINE, I am glad I didn't see behind the scenes! :-)
  • He has had SEVERAL stents put 15+. The meds they give him CRACK us up!!! Mom and I were talking and visiting one time while he was resting and his blood pressure cuff started to turn on to monitor his BP. If you know what that sound sounds like in the hospital you'll understand. The machine starts tapping and clicking really loud over his head...and he says, "Man, that d*** woodpecker!" That saying has been a HUGE joke between mom and me. So, when I had my laparoscopy (my first first one, I think) I was really groggy and was trying to wake up in recovery and mom and Matt were sitting right there. So, I was going to be funny because I had just felt my blood pressure cuff go off and the clicking and tapping started...and I said..."Man, that wet pecker!" Of course Matt didn't know what I was talking about and mom was belly laughing so hard she was crying...and I realized what I said and I started laughing so hard that I thought I was going to DIE because I just had SURGERY on my tummy! Thanks, dad!
  • And, lastly on my list (that I could think of right now) is that he loves me very very very much.

Love you, dad!!!


Marc and Charity said...

Hehehe, hilarious. I can see you dad doing and saying all of these :)

Anonymous said...

There has never been a little girl that has been loved by her daddy like your daddy loves you!!! Maybe my daddy and me...How lucky we are to know such love and unconditional love. You turn Tommy Finkbeiner into a puddle of mush just by walking into the room...You will always be our sunshine!!!