Saturday, January 30, 2010

She's not in Kansas anymore...

How I miss her. She died October it has almost been four months.

A wife, mother, sister, daughter & friend. She was only 37. She lived in Wichita, Kansas, and we worked together for over eight years. Yes, we worked together...even though we were in different states. We were part of the same chapter and worked very closely together. We had a lot of ups and downs with work but we always cheered each other up, rooted each other on and helped remind each other why we were there.

We were even closer with our personal lives. We talked about life, marriage, kids, loss, family, spiritual name it...nothing was off limits.

Sometimes I still think she is still in Kansas...that all I have to do is text, email or IM her. Technology is grand. I haven't been on myspace in months...but I got on there tonight. I honestly don't know why...but then I remembered that Becky was on myspace and I wanted to just reminisce a bit. It still breaks my heart to think she isn't on the other end of a cell phone or on the other end of computer.

Her family is still having a very hard time, as you can imagine. Please pray for her family. Tammy (her sister), Emma & Bob (parents), James (husband), Owen, Bailey & Nathan (kiddos), Dylan & Austin (nephews).

I know Becky worried about the thought of not being here for her kids. But, I know where she is right now and she knew where she was going. She is in the presence of our King.

Again, reality slaps me in the face every time I think of her...she's not in Kansas anymore.

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